zkTube is a layer 2 protocol that uses zero knowledge proof and ZK rollup to achieve low transaction fees and high throughput between ETH and erc20.

    Rollup contracts keep a comprehensive history of each batch’s root state and hash. If someone learns that one set contains a bogus post-state root, they can broadcast the information to the chain, proving that the set was computed incorrectly. The proof is validated by the contract, and the batch, as well as any subsequent batches, are returned.
    Gasprice: We can enable customers to pay within a specified range of gas pricing, or we can shift gas payments entirely outside of the rollup protocol and have the transactor pay the batch maker to send down the line. gas: we may also limit the total gas to two successive intensities. Alternatively, we may implement a gas limitation at the batch level alone.
  • TPS3000+
    ZkTube uses the slicing technology concept to speed up transaction flow between Layer 2 and support new financial applications in decentralized finance, dex transactions, and other gaming applications. In such a case, zkTube would be a viable alternative because it meets more requirements in terms of transaction acceptance, timeliness, and high throughput Dapp.


We wanted to create and deploy zkTube technology to enable decentralized payment services for more global businesses, allowing individuals all over the world to enjoy simple, secure, and speedy services.


zkTube will address Ethereum network congestion and capacity expansion concerns.

It is not only about transaction throughput; the system can handle millions of users. zkTube is a technological breakthrough.

The advantage is that recent advances and the availability of zero-knowledge proofs have opened up entirely new possibilities for dealing with this problem.

The zkTube Protocol is built on Layer 2 and makes use of ZK-Rollup technology, which is based on the PLONK algorithm protocol, to improve scalability by merging batch transfers into a single transaction.

Essentially, the Merkle tree compresses and stores the chain’s user state, and changes to the user information are communicated down the chain. Simultaneously, evidence obtained without knowledge of the correctness of the process of changing the user’s condition along the chain assures this.

Most importantly, zkTube continues to ship on the ETH chain by simply transferring a part of the work from the chain to offline, guaranteeing that it is as secure as Ethereum.

When using a payment network, security is critical. zkTube offers lower transaction costs, more throughput, and a more secure and faster user experience.

For ERC20/ERC721 token transactions, it may drastically decrease transaction costs while achieving 200 times more than Layer 1 Throughput, TPS as high as 3000+, making zkTube an excellent choice for applications with higher needs.

The Melbourne-based zkTube lab, which began creating the zkTube protocol in April 2020 with teams from all around the world, is redefining crypto payments with cutting-edge technology for the financial revolution. zkTube is a zero-knowledge proof Ethereum scaling solution. The goal is to be the most feasible method for allowing large-scale public blockchain adoption.

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TELEGRAM GROUP:https://t.me/zkTubeProtocol


Bitcointalk username: cryptopathum

BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2088829

ERC-20 Wallet Address: 0xF9b347Ad986Db43753e9660222057e116Da4E8Fd



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