YieldTopia | The Auto-Yield Protocol’s Future.

What Is YieldTopia ?

Vision and Mission :

YieldTopia DeFi platform features :

  • Automatic Deflationary APY: Yield will give its consumers an Automatic APY of up to 42,069 percent that will deflate by 10% per month. The ecosystem includes auto compounding, auto staking, and anti-dumping protection.
  • Sustainable Protocol: The project’s purpose is to provide investors with a highly secure and long-term platform. To do this, the project has implemented a referral scheme to attract additional users to the site. Additionally, an insurance fund, burn mechanisms, and LP tax will assist the platform in becoming more sustainable and long-term focused.
  • Yield Swap Dex: YieldTopia’s decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. On the DEX, various Tokens will be traded and swapped for one another. It will also provide an IDO platform for the sale of tokens for new projects. All proceeds will be transferred to the protocol’s liquidity pools and reserves.
  • Yield NFTs (NFT Marketplace): YieldTopia will create NFT Marketplace, a decentralized marketplace for purchasing and selling NFT assets. All market fees and profits will be transferred to Yield Liquidity Pool.
  • YieldTopia DAO (Vote): This is a specialized platform where users may vote and propose ideas based on the platform’s growth and development. It is the platform’s decision-making center, where token holders may decide how the platform should move ahead and be handled in general.

Tokenomics :

Roadmap :

Team :

Conclusion :

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