Yellow Blocks is Blockchain Docuseries on Google Play & Apple TV+

In recent years, blockchain technology has rocked the worldwide economy. This technology has brought about numerous improvements in many sectors. For example, in the freight business, blockchain is very beneficial in documenting transactions that are better, safe, and free of manipulation. Not only that, but this technology may be used to other industries as well. For example, in the worldwide film industry, blockchain and cryptocurrency can be merged to create a more inventive and modern film ecosystem for all players.

With the advancement of blockchain technology and the worldwide film business, a platform that allows all film industry players to carry out their varied operations conveniently and securely is required. Yellow Blocks, a platform that distributes docuseries on Google Play and Apple TV+, does just this. This is a blockchain-based platform that will make the entire ecosystem more efficient, safe, and profitable for all parties.

Docuseries :

This is exactly what we are pleased to announce: a docuseries exposing blockchain and cryptography sorts of currency emphasis ideas to the general public. A fiction series that delves deeply into the substance of blockchain and advanced monetary systems. The viewer will be submerged in the most delicate bits of this creative evolution with every picture of overview, with every scene. Furthermore, this massive number of individuals will study through account movies.

Mission :

We’re telling the entire unseen tale of cryptocurrency since its inception. Keeping an eye on the well-known disarrays engulfing advanced money and the continual failure of focused professionals to notice the dangerous influence of Bitcoin and other altcoins. This docuseries is another another method for moving crypto a little closer to standardization and broad adoption. We are utilizing blockchain advancement to tokenize each millisecond in a specified advanced framework, converting it into actual assets. By contributing to the test plan and participating in DeFi marketplaces, token holders may expect to play an important role in the projected neighborhood stage and provide social value to other Blockchain enterprises.

Yellow Blocks Features :

Yellow Blocks is a blockchain-based platform that distributes high-quality documentaries to consumers all around the world. Yellow Blocks’ features provide customers with access to a large number of high-quality documentaries that they may watch immediately from their mobile. And that’s not all; Yellow Blocks has numerous more features as well :

  • Smart Contract : The existence of a smart contract enables user transactions to be conducted promptly and securely without the participation of third parties.
  • Yellow Blocks will be led by a professional team with prior experience in the film business. As a result, it is envisaged that the documentaries that will be shown to consumers will be of high quality.
  • The Yellow Shop : a shop established by Yellow Blocks for the distribution of commodities such as clothing and other items.

Tokenomics :

Yellow Blocks, as a blockchain-based platform, will establish a coin to fund the whole ecosystem. Users may earn these tokens through PancakeSwap on the Yellow Blocks platform. These coins, known as the CBK token, will play a significant part in the ecosystem and will eventually become a utility token, opening up new options. This token will also help to fund the film’s operation and production. This is the sole Yellow Blocks native token that will be used to support the platform’s development and operation in the future.

Roadmap :

To conclude :

In the future, more and more companies throughout the world will use blockchain and crypto technology, resulting in a more developed crypto market. And Yellow Blocks has arrived as a blockchain-based platform that will give quality documents to people all around the world via Google Play and Apple TV+. Yellow Blocks will bring thousands of decentralized repositories to the big screen in the future, and consumers will be able to effortlessly access all of this through their smartphones. And, because this is a blockchain-based platform, the entire ecosystem will be sustained by a blockchain-based system, making the Yellow Blocks ecosystem more robust in the future.

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.