xHumanity is a Blockchain-Powered Social Media Platform.

People used to socialize through face-to-face interactions or through the use of letters. However, in the current day, individuals do not need to conduct face-to-face discussions or even exchange letters to socialize; instead, they may utilize social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to interact with many people from all over the world. Users may exchange messages, share photos or videos, conduct audio or video calls, and perform a variety of other activities that are possible on social networking sites.

However, as we all know, the majority of today’s social media platforms employ a centralized structure, making them vulnerable to manipulation or sale of user data, among other issues. As a result, xHumanity was created as a social media network that allows users to socialize while still maintaining their security and privacy. xHumanity is a social networking platform that uses blockchain technology. Solutions like these enable xHumanity to function in a decentralized and safe way for all users.

System of Adaptive Social Media :

The public was recently stunned by a situation in which Facebook sold the personal data of its 87 million users to Cambridge Analytica for political reasons. This is harmful to users whose personal data is sold to unknown companies, and these users receive no compensation as a result of this arrangement. This problem arises because social media platforms such as Facebook employ a centralized structure that allows Facebook as a platform to gather and use user data for its own reasons. Problems like these may be solved using blockchain technology, which provides a decentralized system as well as secure data security, and is available in xHumanity. xHumanity is a social media network that uses blockchain technology to provide a decentralized social media platform free of data manipulation and exploitation. Users on xHumanity may upload images, videos, write detailed messages, and perform a variety of other activities similar to other social networking platforms.

Trust is crucial nowadays, particularly on social media platforms where a large amount of users’ personal data is subject to exploitation. And, using blockchain technology, we can safeguard all user personal data and prevent unwanted parties from hacking or intervening.

Vision :

Our aim is to assist humanity in fulfilling their desires and dreams in order to move to the ultimate world, with an emphasis on freedom and truth, human oversight in general, and human freedom in particular. We shall consider humanism, exact science, and progress as a type of animal, as well as relationships, feelings, and sentiments. We will most likely design a system that allows for significant freedom of expression and awareness. The system will equitably reward freedom of disagreement and discussion, which will lead to peace (as human consensus).

xHumanity Features :

xHumanity is a social networking platform that incorporates blockchain technology and bitcoin to provide security and function in a decentralized way. The capabilities provided by xHumanity allow users to communicate with one another, transforming xHumanity into a platform for their community or a workplace. But that’s not all; xHumanity has numerous additional characteristics as well :

  • xHumanity Wallet : A digital wallet created by xHumanity to allow peer-to-peer (P2P), cross-marketing, messaging, and user payments.
  • Decentralized System : To differentiate xHumanity from other social media platforms, the developer created a decentralized system that makes it more fair and transparent. xHumanity will be ruled by consensus rather than a one-sided decision.
  • Unlike other social media sites, xHumanity compensates users in the form of reputation and xCRED currency for their behaviors.
  • Upvotes and Downvotes : Users can give other users upvotes or downvotes.
  • Human Values : The better a user’s reputation, the more diverse the votes they cast. This is done in order to distinguish between votes cast by real people and votes cast by bots or false accounts.
  • Advertising System : Ads on xHumanity will be modified based on the user’s reputation. The better their reputation, the less advertisements they will see.
  • No Middleman : The xHumanity digital wallet enables direct transactions between users, allowing payments to be made without the involvement of a middleman, resulting in cheaper costs.

Tokenomics :

xHumanity has developed two native coins called xDNA and xCRED. The xCRED token will be used inside the platform, while the xDNA token will be published on the Ethereum Network using ERC-20 protocols and utilized outside of the network; these two tokens serve distinct purposes, yet they are interdependent. Every xCRED token holder has the ability to access items and vote on governance. xCRED tokens will also be used to make payments and give out prizes. The xDNA coin will be utilized outside of the site and will have a fixed exchange rate set by the community. Users can easily trade xCRED tokens for xDNA tokens. Users can obtain xDNA tokens by purchasing them on sites such as UNISWAP.

To conclude :

In today’s world, many individuals utilize social media platforms to connect with others, exchange photographs and videos, make phone calls, and perform a variety of other activities. However, today’s social media platforms are not as safe as they claim; there have been several incidents of selling or stealing user data, resulting in user damage. And xHumanity is here to help as a social media platform that will meet a variety of user demands such as social platforms, messaging, payments, and so on. xHumanity, which is integrated with blockchain technology and bitcoin, provides a decentralized social media platform that is more original and unique than typical. Blockchain solutions will address a variety of concerns, including the security and privacy of consumers’ personal data. xHumanity will be a decentralized social media network that will give users all around the world with security and benefits.

More Info :

WEB: https://xhumanity.org/

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/xHumanity

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/xHumanity1

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/xHumanityofficial

YOYTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBBxMWB1kblFBY2qtlMdj5A


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