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You’ve probably heard of trading or investing in cryptocurrency for long-term passive income. Or perhaps you enjoy board games that require a lot of knowledge and skill.

In any case, Wunzo combines both features to create the ideal basis for anybody interested in delving into the fascinating realm of digital currency.

To further show, Wunzo has three categories of users :

  • ROLLERS : Rollers may vote on popular games such as Poker and Ludo using our competitive reward structure on the platform. As is customary, the winner takes it all at the end.
  • CROUPIERS : The playing surface on which Rollers compete. Simply said, because to the increasing popularity of NFT, we are transitioning the industry to a redesigned environment in which users no longer need to sell NFT for profit; instead, Croupiers may buy NFT tables and set them up for Roller to play in exchange for a fee taken from the winning reward.
  • SHAREHOLDERS : Furthermore, by reforming the DAO, we are removing the possibility of the platform’s regulations being vulnerable to change by the community (shareholders). Being a Shareholder gives you to a proper portion of the Wunzo jar as well as participation in the implementation of improvements to the Wunzo platform.

Amazing ingredients :


We created a beneficial XP system to promote our Rollers’ engagement and consistency.

As a result, individuals boosted their account level whenever they accumulated a specific quantity of experience points.
When a Roller advances to a new level, they earn a craft item (Star — Every level, Cosmic Star — Every 5 levels, Hexcube — Every 10 levels).


We create a circular economy that responds to the rising demand for openness and trust, resulting in a healthy ecosystem and steady token value.

  • N SHORT :

When Rollers play games to earn money, they use NFT tables, which produce profits for Croupiers and the platform, allowing us to transmit our share to Shareholders who have gathered their tokens to raise the value of their tokens. Wunzo’s unique products were provided to Roller to make up for their loss. discuss passive income.


We guarantee a wonderful experience by adding remote features since we want to optimize your earnings, in addition to the tremendous enjoyment that Wunzo delivers.

  • JACKPOTS : Investing in cryptocurrencies might feel like a lottery at times, so it’s preferable to go for the actual thing.
  • CLASHES : Are you prepared to fight? Clash is a monthly Ludo and Poker event in which Rollers compete till the final phase for the largest piece.
  • BOTS : In addition to these techniques, Wunzo attempts to solve one of the most serious issues confronting the athletes. Because some Rollers are unable to dedicate sufficient time to the Wunzo game.

Users may now develop incredible bots utilizing Wunzo’s open API, both for private and for public usage. Bots are artificial intelligence (AI) that can execute a variety of helpful automated tasks on your behalf, such as strategy implementation.

The nicest part about bots is that they can be purchased, thus this is an excellent chance for developers to place their bots on the Wunzo shop for general usage in return for pre-set pricing.


  • PLAYER DEFINITION: Every user in Wunzo is a player; in other words, the user is the player. Players are divided into three types, with what applies to one instantly applying to the other.
  • Player Type: The platform’s participants are divided into three categories (Rollers, Croupiers, and Shareholders), each with their own set of duties and ways to gain from the platform :

1 .Rollers: Players who utilize the site to make a lot of money by playing games.

2 .Croupiers: Players that have decided to go big and have acquired a table in order to make it accessible to the Roller in exchange for a price that they have established.

3 .Shareholders: Players that have acquired Wunzo tokens and amassed them on the platform in return for a portion of Wunzo’s revenue.

RoadMap :

To conclude :

Implementing blockchain technology may provide numerous benefits to online gaming platforms, including faster, fairer, and more transparent transactions, among many others. And Wunzo is here as an online casino platform that provides clients with board games. Wunzo’s platform provides three different roles: Rollers, Croupiers, and Shareholders. Depending on whether they choose to be a player or an investor, the user can take on one of these three roles. Wunzo, which debuted on the BSC platform, offers high-performance, secure, and low-fee services that allow users to freely play, invest, and earn tokens.

More Info :

WEB: https://www.wunzogames.com/
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/Wunzo
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/WunzoOfficial


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