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Virtual reality is a sophisticated device these days. This technology helps one to get an illusion that is similar to life. Virtual reality has been extensively used in a variety of fields, including medicine, aviation, and the military. This technology will advance exponentially in the future. And, as the market evolves, NetVRk emerges as a forum that can introduce consumers to the real-world experience of virtual reality technologies. NetVRk provides a forum for users to explore a universe in which they can build and share their own apps or universes. NetVRk is a shared VR network with powerful development tools and resources for creating, sharing, experiencing, and monetizing virtual reality.

NetVRk Features :

  • Purchase Properties: NetVRk tokens can be used to purchase various items in the VR environment, such as homes, cars, and other assets.
  • Purchase Property: The user can purchase land in the VR universe. Much as in the offline world, the more strategic the position of the property, the higher the price.
  • Purchase Advertisement Space: NetVRk users can use their NetVRk token to purchase advertising space. Users may earn passive income from this ad space or resell it for a fee to others.

NTVRK Token :

NetVRk has released a native token called NTVRK, which is based on Ethereum ERC-20 and will be used to fund NetVRk’s operations. NTVRK is a service token that can be used as a payment method on the network. NetVRk intends to introduce NTVRK tokens with a burn mechanism. This token can be obtained by investors through available exchanges.

RoadMap :

Team And Partners :

To conclude :

Virtual reality is a sophisticated device at the moment. This technology helps one to get an illusion that is similar to life. In the future, VR technology will advance and be embraced by a wide range of companies around the world. And NetVRk is here to drive users to the next level of VR experience. NetVRk is a social VR network that enables users to explore university life by creating their own apps or environments and interacting with others. NetVRk is more than just a VR platform; it is a platform that allows users to produce NFTs, stake, purchase properties, purchase property, or purchase advertisement space in order to maximize their benefit.


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