Why is SmashCash the greatest platform for secure and private transactions?

Why do you believe that so many people and businesses are opting to adopt cryptocurrency right now? Of course, there are many alternative answers to this issue, but one of them is the capacity to conduct secret and anonymous payments, which we will look at today. It is probably worth emphasizing that the existing financial system has outlived its usefulness, and many people do not trust it, thus they are looking for new financial alternatives. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have evolved into exactly the potential that you now have, and any transactions will be private and anonymous, implying that the system will not be able to manage your funds and activities with them. In this respect, the issue is finding a proper platform for acquiring such chances, and now in this article we will learn more about the new crypto platform Smash Cash, which gave the world’s first product for making secret and anonymous transactions.

What is Smash Cash?

Smash Cash is a decentralized cryptocurrency-based application that ensures anonymity and privacy during transactions by utilizing a Zero Links encryption mechanism throughout the top ten most popular Blockchains and all Blockchain platforms.
This means that every cryptocurrency transaction completed with the Smash Cash payment system will be fully anonymous in terms of identification and link between the destination and the receiver.
Smash Cash is a set of tools that allows you to conceal your balance and transactions on the top ten Blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Your company may now be paid in $SEC using the $CRYPTO20 Token, and all transactions will be off-the-books and hidden from the public sight.
The core idea is that by removing the on-chain link between the destination and recipient addresses, public transactions become private.

Smash Cash is a straightforward answer to the existing blockchain systems’ demand for transaction anonymity and privacy.
Smash Cash is a suite of technologies that enables cryptocurrency users with integration, privacy, and anonymity in daily transactions by utilizing current blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
We own and run the only full node crypto-currency mixing and Coinbase plug-ins that provide genuine cryptocurrency privacy. Our objective is to be the industry leader in developing and delivering real privacy and anonymity solutions to the Blockchain Platforms we serve.

How does it work for merchants and users?

Smash Cash — the smash project’s initial module will also be its largest. The purpose of Smash Cash is to ensure that you may convert your assets to complete anonymity while still transacting on the major blockchains.

The objective for including this capability at this time is to allow users to more easily keep their assets without being exposed by being on the same chain as entities from which they prefer to stay anonymous.

For example, if you own ZEC and want to accept BTC without having your receiving address linked to your ZEC address, Smash Cash will let you to do so.

We are pleased to announce the release of the alpha version of Smash Cash, an open source smart contract that splits the transaction link between transaction participants. At first glance, the benefits of utilizing it are as follows:

We’d like to introduce you to Smash Cash, a game-changing solution to expand the capacity of your cryptocurrency wallet while remaining entirely anonymous during transactions. Users of Smash Cash may spend coins and tokens peer-to-peer without entering personal information like as their name, address, or bank account number.
Furthermore, your coins and tokens will be held in your personal wallet rather than at a centralized exchange. This guarantees that you are not at danger from hackers that target private exchanges.

Smash Cash Your financial privacy is protected :

Smash Cash is the first “Payment Instrument” that enables you to Buy, Sell, Trade, and HOLD Cryptocurrencies without revealing your name, wallet addresses, or other personal information.

SmashCash is actively working on a comprehensive solution to cryptocurrency’s privacy issues. The adventure began with the Lightning Network, Evolution, Atomic Swaps, and next-generation Blockchain Protocols. However, SmashCash discovered various flaws in these systems and decided to create a new one that would not only solve the problem of privacy but would also facilitate Hyper-scale Transactions.

Smash Cash will teach you the most basic ways to preserve your privacy on the AVAX Blockchain. We will discuss the technology behind it, how it works, the advantages of utilizing it, and general concerns for safeguarding your privacy on AVAX Blockchain.
SmashCash features a zero knowledge proof feature that allows you to transmit money fully anonymously while yet having a verified cryptographic signature. This technology will be used to generate the anonymous cash from AVAX Corp.
The AVAX Blockchain’s user interface is simple to use, allowing you to log in quickly. You will benefit from high throughput, performance, and attentive customer care. We will expose you to the world of digital asset processing by rapidly transforming your ordinary purchases into digital assets.

Features and how they benefit you :

  • The availability of ready-to-use products for ten blockchain systems and fifteen coins.
  • The capacity to transact in a secret and anonymous manner.
  • The possibility of receiving staking payouts in Matic, ADA, and BNB.
  • Access to entirely open source and vetted code.
  • The SmashCash platform’s system is based on decentralized hosting, which implies that no one can shut down the network.

These are not the only benefits of the SmashCash platform; there are many more, and if you want to learn more about them, be sure to visit the official Smash Cash website. https://smashcash.io/#home

The fact that the SmashCash platform formerly has working products makes it more seductive than its challengers and shows that the pretensions and objects of the platoon are serious and they’re ready to go to achieve success. The presence of such a large set of products in SmashCash suggests that the platform is tone-sufficient and can formerly bring excellent gains to both druggies of the platform and its investors. Well, how can you not say a many words about the presence of its own crypto asset on the SmashCash platform, videlicet the SMASH commemorative, which plays an important part in the platform’s ecosystem, provides an occasion to induce fresh income, and which will soon be available for purchase.

As we can see, the information we have received about the SmashCash platform allows us to understand that it is a promising and appealing platform for participation, as well as the platform has unique products that allow you to make anonymous and confidential transactions in the ten most popular blockchains. Furthermore, the SmashCash platform includes a variety of advantages and other capabilities that allow for passive revenue. And the presence of the platform token creates even more profitable chances for investors. If you want to learn more about the SmashCash platform and its offers and features, go to the Smash Cash platform’s official website right now.

More info :

Official website: https://smashcash.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/smashcashio

Telegram: https://t.me/smashcashio

Github: https://github.com/smashcash

Medium: https://medium.com/@smashcash

Whitepaper: https://smashcash.gitbook.io/whitepaper/


Forum Username : cryptopathum

Froum profile url : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2088829

Telegram username : @pathumbitcoin

Proof :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5373364.msg58624534#msg58624534

BSC Address : 0x88c058389C0eaB00a3516273245C50Ca5141A34e

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all days.it is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all days.it is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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