What is 100xCoin ?

The cryptocurrency market has grown rapidly since its inception. From what was once the only bitcoin, the blockchain industry currently has over 9000 coins with a market value of up to $ 2 trillion for the first time, when ethereum reaches new highs. This makes the cryptocurrency industry very appealing to many global institutional investors because it can provide investors with high returns. However, since this business is high risk, buyers who access it must be prepared for all possibilities.

100xCoin, the FIRST crypto-influencer-owned meme coin on the Binance Smart Chain, is on the way to a $ 1B market cap and above, just as investors expect the cryptocurrency market would break big. This is a deflationary token that grows and develops with the culture over time while remaining beneficial to investors.

The Bull Run’s last Alt Gem Moonshot is $100x :

100xCoin is being developed by a group of professionals who feel that 100xCoin has the potential to expand and provide a wide demand, as well as community interest, which is extremely beneficial to the growth of 100xCoin. Developed on the Binance Smart Chain network, 100xCoin is more transparent, stable, and quick, and BSC, above all, helps the DeFi platform grow their ecosystem. This is why 100xCoin has chosen the Binance Smart Chain.

Ken the Crypto is positive about his group and 100xCoin, and predicts that 100xCoin will follow in the footsteps of other successful cryptocurrencies, reaching a market cap of $1 billion and beyond.

100xCoin Features :

  • Wizards’ Squad : As previously said, 100xCoin was created by public owner Ken “The Crypto” and a team that has previously performed in many ventures.
  • Working Tokenomics : 100xCoin is built with a tokenomics mechanism that will devote 1.5 percent of its token value to promotion and growth, 2 percent to auto-generating liquidity, and 3.5 percent to burn in order to maximize token value.
  • Timing is everything : 100xCoin was introduced during the altcoins trend, in which both retail and crypto buyers seek to invest in altcoins and benefit from them.

100x Token :

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