Wellbe Coin is a cryptocurrency that originated in France and is self-funded by treasury issuance.

Cryptocurrency in the Fitness Industry :

Table of utilities and benefits :

  • WELB as a price system WELB will include a Stakes structure as well as a Masternode structure via which WELB holders can get prizes.
  • WELB as a medium of exchange One of the most essential and identifying rudiments of WellBe is that admeasurements will be yearly, with a cap of WELB in the first time, reducing over time to insure the commemorative’s stability.
  • WELB control WellBe will have its own Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO in the crypto world, in which the plutocrat collected are suggested on by the members themselves.


  • Self-Financing: By establishing a strong foundation of a massive treasury system, Wellbe Coin will have its own financial mechanism to fund the platform’s future expansion and operation.
  • Strong Support System: In order to assist users with their numerous difficulties or queries, Wellbe Coin will construct a help system that will completely support users.
  • Community Support: Wellbe Coin will create a community of individuals who will support the future operation and growth of Wellbe Coin.
  • Marketing: In order to increase public awareness of Wellbe Coin, the company will launch advertising campaigns in partnership with other parties and worldwide crypto consumers.

Tokenomics :

To conclude :

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