Walleteum is a Next Generation Crypto Wallet that is both secure and intelligent.

The rising usage of cryptocurrencies in daily transactions necessitates the use of digital wallets today. Users may keep their digital assets more securely and effectively with digital wallets. Users can use their digital wallets to conduct transactions or swap coins. Digital wallets, in particular, now offer installation on a variety of devices, allowing users to install their preferred digital wallets on their devices and begin managing their digital assets more conveniently and quickly.

The growing usage of cryptocurrencies is a really beneficial thing, particularly in digital wallets; more and more consumers desire a safe and user-friendly digital wallet that can meet their different needs. This is what motivates Walleteum to provide a crypto wallet that will meet customers’ different crypto demands. Walleteum allows users to store and manage various cryptocurrencies in a secure digital wallet with an integrated exchange. Users may use Walleteum to store their cryptocurrency or to purchase online in the same way that they would a bank account.

Vision :

Walleteum is stored and accessible as a DApp (Distributed Application) on a blockchain.
The primary goal of employing blockchain development in the advancement of Walleteum is to provide a decentralized system that is consistent and safe for all parties involved.

Mission :

The primary goal of Walleteum is to make your advanced cash company more valuable and safe.
Walleteum recognizes that the opportunities for blockchain are immense, but are stored away in the present economy.
United structures are typically not obtained and suffer the negative consequences of enormous expenses, whilst decentralized systems subject to the present market development are extremely postponed to be.

Crypto Wallet :

A crypto digital wallet is a must-have for cryptocurrency consumers. This is similar to a bank account in that user assets are safely stored, and users may use this digital wallet for a variety of reasons such as transactions or others. It is no longer difficult to locate a crypto digital wallet that allows users to simply and securely store and transmit digital assets. Platforms such as Trust Wallet, for example, provide crypto wallets that are connected with a built-in crypto exchange, making it simple for users to swap crypto. Walleteum, like Trust Wallet, is a digital crypto wallet that allows users to store and manage various cryptocurrencies without any trouble. Users can trade their crypto without switching platforms because it is integrated with crypto trading sites.

Global crypto consumers must have access to a safe and user-friendly digital crypto wallet. Because consumers will be able to safely keep their assets without having to worry about hackers or other security concerns threatening their digital assets. And Walleteum may be a solution to this problem.

Walleteum Features :

Walleteum is an online crypto wallet that will ease the crypto transactions of diverse users. Walleteum’s capabilities allow users to store/send/receive their different cryptocurrencies more conveniently and securely via a user-friendly platform. But that’s not all; Walleteum has numerous additional features as well :

  • Dual Encryption : Two NSA-grade cryptographic layers that protect the Keystore and the user’s sensitive data from any entity, including Walleteum.
  • Simple : All passes will be saved in the user’s wallet and created when the user checks in. Walleteum does not offer backup files or safeguard the wallet.
  • DeFi : Walleteum allows users to quickly and securely access DeFi applications with high blockchain interoperability.

Tokenomics :

Walleteum has created a native token called EUM. The EUM token will be issued on the Ethereum Network with a total quantity of 30,000,000 EUM and will function as a utility token. The EUM token will act as a token that will integrate payments into the ecosystem and support the operations of Walleteum because it was released as a utility token type. Not only will EUM be utilized as a payment method, but it will also be used as a governance and staking token, allowing users to engage in governance while earning passive revenue through stake tokens. Users can obtain EUM tokens by purchasing them on exchanges or through token sale programs.

To conclude :

Crypto wallets serve the purpose of safely and easily storing various users’ crypto assets. When combined with the integration of the exchange platform, customers may quickly trade their crypto assets for other cryptos. And Walleteum is here to help as an online crypto wallet that will facilitate the crypto transactions of diverse users. Walleteum provides customers with an online crypto wallet service that allows them to safely and conveniently store and manage numerous cryptocurrencies via a user-friendly interface. When combined with DeFi integration, it gives users unrestricted access to decentralized finance apps. Walleteum is dedicated to provide an online digital crypto wallet that can conveniently and securely meet the different crypto demands of customers.

More Info :

Website : https://walleteum.com/
Whitepaper: https://ico.walleteum.org/white-paper
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/walleteum
Twitter: https://twitter.com/walleteum
Telegram : https://t.me/walleteum


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