Walleteum is a Next Generation Crypto Wallet that is both secure and intelligent.

Vision :

Mission :

Crypto Wallet :

Walleteum Features :

  • Users do not need to be concerned about their security since Walleteum is encrypted with dependable technology that protects it from different hacker assaults or brute force attacks that might jeopardize user activities.
  • Dual Encryption : Two NSA-grade cryptographic layers that protect the Keystore and the user’s sensitive data from any entity, including Walleteum.
  • Simple : All passes will be saved in the user’s wallet and created when the user checks in. Walleteum does not offer backup files or safeguard the wallet.
  • DeFi : Walleteum allows users to quickly and securely access DeFi applications with high blockchain interoperability.

Tokenomics :

To conclude :

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