Using Plastic Finance to Empower Waste Communities.

Every day, you most likely use a variety of items to meet your diverse demands, such as detergents, bottled beverages, snacks, and so on. These items, on average, employ plastic packaging, which is less expensive and more durable. But did you realize that one of the major issues we face today is the use of plastic? Plastic is an issue because it cannot dissolve for hundreds of years; if left uncontrolled, plastic will continue to collect, causing environmental difficulties.

As a result of this issue, several young people have been inspired to develop a platform that would encourage plastic recycling using bitcoin. Plastic Finance is a platform devoted to plastic recycling. Plastic Finance’s mission is to increase the productivity of garbage pickers by providing a platform that benefits all parties involved. Plastic Finance also supports a tree replanting effort in the region to help the environment.

Recycle, Reuse, and Prosper :

Plastic garbage may cause difficulties if it is not recycled, especially in the region, because plastic cannot breakdown naturally and would amass. To avert this, the government and nonprofits are working together to make it easier for individuals to recycle plastic. However, because they are not rewarded, few individuals recycle plastic debris willingly. Plastic Finance sees this as an urgent issue that must be addressed right away so that plastic garbage can be recycled and garbage pickers can thrive. As a result, Plastic Finance was created as a way to enhance the recycling system by creating a circular economy. Plastic Finance will use bitcoin to boost garbage pickers’ efficiency and benefit all parties engaged in this chain.

Plastic Finance aspires to provide a platform that encourages individuals to participate in the recycling of plastic trash. Plastic Finance via DApps and DeFi democratizes and profits the recycling system, allowing everyone to join and be active in plastic recycling.

Features of Plastic Finance :

Plastic Finance is a platform devoted to plastic recycling methods. Plastic Finance wishes to create a platform that would empower waste communities, making them more affluent and having a higher social position in society, by employing a circular economy model that benefits all stakeholders, particularly garbage pickers. However, Plastic Finance does not stop at recycling; it also supports tree replanting efforts in the region in order to minimize carbon dioxide emission. But that’s not all; there are a few more advantages of using Plastic Finance :

  • Transparency : By employing the tokenization mechanism, Plastic Finance can make trash costs more transparent and accessible to everybody.
  • DeFi : Plastic Finance is able to develop an economic system that empowers all players by utilizing different unique DeFi characteristics.
  • Sustainability : By establishing a native token, Plastic Finance can create an investment model that allows anybody to participate and invest, ensuring the company’s long-term viability.
  • IoT and Blockchain: By utilizing IoT and Blockchain, we can reduce mistakes and improve the efficiency and organization of the recycling process.
  • Profit-sharing : All transactions in the Plastic Finance ecosystem will be subject to transaction fees, with subsequent modest fees payable to token holders.

PLAS Token :

The PLAS Token is a native token introduced by the Plastic Finance platform that will function as a utility and governance token. PLAS is a Binance BEP-20-based coin with a total quantity of 23,900,000 PLAS. Users who possess a PLAS token will receive many perks such as prizes, voting rights, payments on the platform, and so on. PLAS tokens will be available to users through a private sale scheme run by Plastic Finance.

If the pre-sales objective is not met, there is the possibility of offering internal staking and DEFI at the same time in June 2021.

Blockchain: BSC BEP-20

Governance token Ticker: PLAS



EARLY CONTRIBUTORS: 7.300.000 PLAS locked up to 27 months

ACCREDITED INVESTOR SALES : 2.000.000 PLAS @ USD 0,375 minimum USD20.000

Pre-Sales: 2.000.000 PLAS@ USD 0,6

AIRDROP or Community Grant : 1000.000 PLAS

Hardcap Pre Sales + Accredited Sales = $1.950.000

Hardcap Public Sales Total = $ 2.000.000,- (can be planned into IFO if pre sales and private sales succeed)

Total Hardcap : $ 3.950.000

PLAS price calculation is pegged to USD value.

Plastic Finance Roadmap :

Plastic Finance began this project with the establishment of a concept, team formation, token airdrop, a legal company with restricted liabilities in Indonesia, a company in Seychelles, cooperative formation, advisor boarding, defi coding, and smart contract audit. Then it moved on to early contributor financing, private sales, and the purchase of a 300kg/hour regrind machine, all to demonstrate to the public, investors, and token holders that Plastic Finance’s concepts were being implemented.

Plastic Finance will undertake pre-sales, defi begun, moving to the exchanger, completely operational, and enhance certain features after success. All of this is achievable provided Plastic Finance receives support from the community, investors, and token holders, who play an important role in the platform’s operation and development.

 Adding 3 ton/hour capacity at the end of the year


 MRF Capacity 3,5 tons/hour


 MRF Capacity

 10 tons/hour, CSR fund for 432.000 teak trees replant at this time12

 Equal to 4.320 ton CO2 absorption.


 MRF — Capacity 30 ton per hour


 40 ton per hour, CSR fund for 1.728.000 trees replant at this time12

 Equal to 1.728-ton CO2 absorption.


 50 ton per hour, CSR fund for 2.160.000 trees replant1

 Equal to 21.160-ton CO2 absorption.


To conclude :

Plastic is a tough substance to disintegrate; it can take hundreds of years for plastic to degrade, thus garbage pickers or other groups are deployed to recycle plastic garbage to prevent it from stacking up. However, the issue is that recyclers, particularly garbage pickers, do not receive adequate compensation for their efforts. And Plastic Finance is here to help by providing a platform that will empower garbage communities. Plastic Finance works by establishing a platform to encourage a circular economy in order to enhance recycling processes. By employing DeFi, Plastic Finance is able to establish an ecosystem that may empower all participants, particularly garbage pickers, allowing them to earn incentives commensurate with their efforts and raise their social standing.

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