TurboTrix Finance is a Defi Platform that runs on BSC and empowers the ecosystem with Tron.

Tron and BSC :

If you’re a cryptocurrency user, you’ve probably heard of Tron and Binance Smart Chain. These two chains are extensions of the Ethereum chain, which provides quicker, safer, and lower-fee transactions. Tron, for example, charges only 1 TRX each transaction and the procedure is quick. And BSC has been utilized by many developers for their platforms, particularly DeFi systems. Seeing this, TurboTrix Finance devised the concept of a decentralized dual blockchain utility defi project that would function safely on BSC while also boosting the Tron ecosystem. This indicates that TurboTrix Finance is issuing tokens on the BSC platform as well as the Tron system. TurboTrix Finance can thus give consumers with a safe, quick, and low-cost DeFi platform.

TurboTrix Finance Features :

TurboTrix Finance is a DeFi platform built on BSC and Tron. Users can stake tokens to get incentives. TurboTrix Finance will later distribute incentives to the user’s wallet in a fair manner. The larger the number of tokens invested by the user, the greater the prize. But that’s not all; TurboTrix Finance also has the following features :

  • Web Platform: The team has created a secure web platform to support different user demands such as staking, swaps, NFTs, and so on.
  • Hold and Earn: By solely holding TurboTrix native tokens, users will get incentives according to the quantity of tokens held.
  • Fast and Low Fees: Because it is backed by Tron, users may conduct transactions more quickly and at a lesser cost.

Tokenomics :

TurboTrix Finance, as previously said, released their native coin on BSC under the moniker TTF. TTF tokens will be distributed using token sale platforms such as PancakeSwap, Probit, Bilaxy, and Dodo Exchange, with a maximum quantity of 777,777,777 TTF. The TTF token will be used as a utility, governance, and incentives token in the future. Holding this token grants the bearer the right to participate in governance and get incentives.

TurboTrix Finance Roadmap :

The TurboTrix Finance project will begin in the first quarter of 2021 with a team of selection, research, site development, Airdrop deployment, and social media creation. Furthermore, in Q2-Q4 2021, the team will engage in aggressive marketing, including listing on several DEX/CEX, Airdrop distribution, listing on CMC and several other tracking platforms, launching whitepapers, contract creation and BSC verification, launching an APP, NFTs marketplace, wallets, and staking feature, as well as many other features to be developed. Finally, in Q1-Q4 2022, TurboTrix Finance took off, forming alliances and listing on new markets.

To conclude :

Tron and BSC are two prominent chains in the cryptocurrency industry nowadays. These chains are enhancements to the Ethereum chain, allowing users to do transactions at a quicker and lower cost. And TurboTrix Finance is here as a DeFi platform that runs on the Binance Smart Chain, with Tron powering the ecosystem. Users can stake tokens, exchange tokens, trade NFT tokens, or just keep TurboTrix Finance native tokens and generate passive revenue on this platform. As a result, TurboTrix Finance is able to provide consumers with a dependable DeFi platform, with quicker transactions and cheaper rates than competitors.

More Info :

WEBSITE : https://turbotrixfinance.com


Forum Username : cryptopathum
Froum profile url : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2088829
Telegram username : @pathumbitcoin
Proof : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5350403.msg57554682#msg57554682



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