TurboTrix Finance is a Defi Platform that runs on BSC and empowers the ecosystem with Tron.

Tron and BSC :

TurboTrix Finance Features :

  • Twin Turbo: By utilizing the TurboTrix dedicated ID 1006 number to join up for the Twin TurboTRX system on Tron Network, users can receive $40 worth of TTF.
  • Web Platform: The team has created a secure web platform to support different user demands such as staking, swaps, NFTs, and so on.
  • Hold and Earn: By solely holding TurboTrix native tokens, users will get incentives according to the quantity of tokens held.
  • Fast and Low Fees: Because it is backed by Tron, users may conduct transactions more quickly and at a lesser cost.

Tokenomics :

TurboTrix Finance Roadmap :

To conclude :

More Info :




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