Trophy, a long-term DeFi ecosystem that ensures user revenue and stability.

Trophy Ecosystem :

Why is it worthwhile to select the Trophy DeFi ecosystem?

  • Trophy provides Cross Chain Bridge, allowing users to bridge tokens into any Blockchain network they like. Cross chain bridge is one of the most notable characteristics of the Trophy ecosystem; it allows users to bridge tokens to networks of their choice at a very minimal cost. Another defining characteristic of the Trophy ecosystem is its security. The staff ensures that users’ money are always secure.
  • Trophy enables MultiChain Swapping and Staking: The project development team has created a very versatile web3 software capable of conducting several DeFi tasks. Users will be able to trade their tokens while also Staking and Earning using Trophy DeFi DApps.
  • Trophy uses an auto-stake/compounding methodology, which lets investors to earn returns on their investments every 15 minutes. Users do not need to go through arduous DeFi DApps procedures with the Auto compound features provided. The staked assets will compound interest on their own.
  • Trophy Insurance Fund (TIF): Trophy has implemented an insurance mechanism in its DeFi ecosystem to assure platform stability and durability. Some funds are held in the platform treasury to protect investors against unanticipated occurrences or uncertainty in the ecosystem.
  • Trophy Treasury: Trophy Treasury provides significant support for Trophy Insurance Fund (TIF), which is the cure for any excessive price decrease in the token. Funds for marketing and new initiatives are also funded from the treasury.
  • Trophy FURNACE: This is one of the most notable elements of the Trophy DeFi Platform , it makes $TROPHY deflationary by charging a specific amount on every trade performed on the platform. These quantities are being consumed in the Protocol Furnace. The more that is traded, the more that is put to the Furnace for burning, paving the path for token value rise in the future as the circulating supply steadily decreases.

Roadmap :

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