Transhuman Coin is a Token with a Human Focus.

In this decade, cryptocurrency has been a game changer. With the many advantages provided by cryptocurrencies, users may obtain a decentralized payment system that allows user transactions to be completed more quickly, effectively, and securely. Cryptocurrency is essentially a digital asset that may be used in a variety of industries throughout the world. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more widely accepted by worldwide platforms, particularly at this moment.

Cryptocurrencies that use the DeFi protocol enable consumers to get a digital asset that can generate earnings for them. Users may effortlessly optimize their revenue with the many tools provided. This is what Transhuman Coin provides: a BSC-based coin with several benefits for users. Transhuman Coin is a token that focuses on humanity, therefore having Transhuman Coin is equivalent to making donations to people in need.

Humanity’s Cryptocurrency :

The DeFi protocol is an invention that was created to give consumers with a financial protocol that would provide them with independence and several benefits. This protocol enables users to exchange tokens more quickly, receive passive income, and accomplish a variety of other activities. Not only that, but this protocol allows developers to establish allocations for various things on their tokens, such as 10% transaction fees for liquidity, 10% for contributions, and so on. Developers may benefit from users while also donating to people in need in this manner. This is what Transhuman Coin has to offer: a token created for mankind. Transhuman Coin is a human-centered coin that not only profits its holders but also gives to people in need. Transhuman Coin operates by assigning transaction fees for various purposes, which will be highly important for Transhuman Coin’s long-term viability.

Transhuman Coin aims to be a token that not only profits its holders but also helps people in need by giving to research and initiatives that battle diseases, disabilities, and death via science and technology, so that by owning Transhuman Coin, the holder indirectly contributes to mankind.


Transhuman Coin aims to alter this altruistic environment at the price of the cryptocurrency’s potential to finance Human Improvement Technologies. The blind will be able to see, the lame will be able to walk, the mute will be able to communicate, the disabled will be able to live a normal life, the halt will be able to sprint once again, and death will be postponed thanks to human technology.

The Transhuman Coin is the primary and exclusive coin committed to resolving human challenges using victimization technology by paying Technologists and Scientists from consciousness-altering drug Transactions, whilst our investors are often compensated for assisting to resolving human issues. Initially, a taxation trial was applied to any or all or any Transhuman Coin mercantilism group action, which was then suburbanized to any or all or any holder in accordance with the case of the Transhuman Fund. Donations are given to beneficiaries, and transactions are recorded and shared with our community.

Transhuman Coin Features :

Transhuman Coin is a worldwide coin established for mankind. Transhuman Coin’s characteristics enable users to earn incentives just by holding this token. Users will be rewarded based on their involvement; the more tokens they have, the more prizes they will earn. But that’s not all; Transhuman Coin also has the following features:

  • Sent to Liquidity Pool: 2% of all transactions are automatically assigned to the liquidity pool. This is done to help Transhuman Coin’s price floor.
  • Holders will be rewarded for holding solely Transhuman Coins, as previously indicated. This is achieved by deducting 2% from each transaction, and this plan will be transferred to the Transhuman Fund Wallet as well.
  • Sent to Marketing Wallet: In order to reach a wider audience, 2% of each transaction will be assigned to the marketing wallet for marketing reasons.
  • Charity: It is envisaged that every user transaction would be subject to tax, with the proceeds going to charity. Users will be notified of the contribution report later.

Tokenomics :

Users may simply receive Transhuman Coins by using supported exchange sites. Transhuman Coin is a utility token that may be utilized by users in the same way that other BSC-based tokens can. Later users may use Transhuman Coin for transactions, staking, or just investing, because Transhuman Coin is a long-term project with a bright future, therefore the price of this token may rise in the future, providing gains to those who purchase these tokens at a cheap price.

Roadmap :

To conclude :

Cryptocurrencies that utilise the DeFi protocol enable developers to charge fees for each transaction of their tokens for a variety of objectives, such as user incentives, contributions, and so on. Token holders may receive benefits while also donating to people in need in this manner. Transhuman Coin is a currency that will deliver benefits while also allowing users to donate to mankind. Transhuman Coin is a token created for mankind in which holders may earn incentives just by holding the token and giving to charity. Transhuman Coin will donate to research and programs such as battling cancer and disability, among other things. Transhuman Coin, with a solution like this, not only rewards users but also assists people in need all around the world.

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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