UnityFund is a project that attempts to create new ways for our users to pool their resources in order to give new opportunities for passive income generation and collectivism.

We’ve gone above and beyond to ensure our community knows we’re here to stay, and making our token carpet pull resistant was a key priority in V1.

  • UnityFund is backed by a team of over 100 marketing professionals, developers, creatives, and blockchain specialists, resulting in projects that are more reliable to participate in than many other projects on the market.
  • With the approaching move to V2, the UnityFund DeFi and DAO platforms will be deployed, allowing for improved staking and yield as well as distributed governance.
  • The team is dedicated to long-term participation and has made various attempts to keep the ecosystem secure and rug-free in order to provide UnityFund with optimum conditions for growth and development.


UnityFund’s overarching objective is structural purpose. As famous blockchain-based efforts have proven, the technology is just a tool for creating systems that may create wealth and effectively share it among system users in order to encourage development, system sustainability, and maintenanceintended application.

Our goal is to build and implement a system that will both produce value for token holders and drive individuals to continue supporting the community and participating for personal gain, while also automating the extraction of huge amounts of value that currently exist. It was founded by UnityFund and is dedicated to global philanthropy.

While there are many profound and often unique benefits to applying decentralization to a wide range of issues, we believe one of the most important is the ability to combine the will of a large number of geographically dispersed individuals to influence change in a way that is in harmony with each of their own ideals of how the world should be, but perhaps isn’t yet.

  • Help Charity Improve the World: Vote for charities and organizations that strive every day to make the world a better place.
  • 100+ Digital Marketing Professionals : Over 100 professional marketers, designers, engineers, and journalists that are passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain have backed unityFund.
  • Less Supply, More Liquidity : With this method, 4.5 percent of all UNITY transactions are automatically lp’d and locked, reducing available inventory.
  • Join the Exciting Crypto Community: Aside from all of the serious businesses using the power of our money to better the world, the Unity Community is a lovely and friendly place to be.
  • Get Passive Results from UNITY: Each UNITY token holder receives a share of the 4 percent collected and distributed from each transaction.



When viewed through the perspective of the group that represents the greatest number of participants, we believe that decentralization has the potential to improve the way nearly any organization or system functions. At its core, unityFund is a mechanism designed to symbiotically connect the interests of our community with the millions of people in need of aid throughout the world.

While many organizations and people are currently working to alleviate much of humanity’s suffering, new and innovative ways to fund these efforts will only benefit us as a global community.

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Forum Username : cryptopathum
Froum profile url :;u=2088829
Telegram username : @pathumbitcoin
Proof :
BSC Address : 0x88c058389C0eaB00a3516273245C50Ca5141A34e

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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