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Deflationary is a notion in which the quantity of cryptocurrency declines as the number of transactions performed by its holders increases. By burning tokens obtained from transaction taxes, the supply of cryptocurrencies will be reduced to a certain point. In this method, it is intended that the price of the tokens would rise since, in addition to the high number of tokens burnt, the rarity of the tokens will rise, affecting the price of the tokens.

The DeFi protocol introduced the notion of deflation, which was warmly received by the market since it not only increased the price of a token, but it also provided benefits to its holders. And SantaCoin is one of the crypto coins that uses the deflationary idea. SantaCoin is a hyperinflationary token that will pay out to its holders. Because this is a deflationary token, the supply will decrease with the amount of holder transactions, affecting the token’s price and benefiting the holders.

Hyper Deflationary Token :

You may be aware with the notion of deflationary, which is a concept that enhances the rarity of a token by lowering its supply, which affects its price. With the introduction of this notion, crypto holders, particularly early holders, may be able to gain from the tokens they hold, because the longer they keep the token, the bigger the reward they will earn and the higher the token’s worth. The notion of deflationary is an intriguing one, and that is what SantaCoin provides; it is a token that employs the concept of hyper deflationary, in which the quantity of SantaCoin decreases drastically with the number of transactions. SantaCoin provides its holders with the option to benefit from the tokens they own through reflection in the form of BUSD tokens. As a result, the longer the user retains the SantaCoin token, the larger the payout.

By launching on BSC, SantaCoin will provide users with a deflationary currency that will reward users while also providing quicker, more secure, and lower-fee transactions than networks like as Ethereum.

What does Santa Coin offer?

The Cardano blockchain serves as the foundation for SANTA Coin. SANTA Coin provides a creative solution to some of the challenges associated with existing cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, for example, has scalability concerns since it can only process a certain number of transactions per second. Because of its popularity, Ethereum has experienced congestion, leading in high transaction fees and extended wait times. SANTA Coin has overcome these issues by employing a novel algorithm that enables speedier transactions and reduced fees.

SANTA Coin also supports smart contracts, which enable for transactions to be reversed in the event of a disagreement. Furthermore, all Santa Coins are created by airdrops rather than mine, so there is no need to worry about pricey equipment building up your power bill. SANTA Coin can now be purchased on three different exchanges: HitBTC, Upbit, and Binance.

SantaCoin Features :

SantaCoin is a deflationary coin that has been released for crypto users all over the world. The characteristics provided by SantaCoin enable users to benefit from the tokens they possess since, as the number of transactions decreases, the supply of SantaCoin decreases, increasing its rarity and price. But that’s not all; SantaCoin also has the following features :

  • Anti-Whale System: a system meant to combat whales, who frequently manipulate the market. This is a contract that prohibits sales of more than 0.125 % of total supply in a single transaction.
  • Multiple BuyBacks: 3% of each purchase and sell transaction is automatically put to the Buy-Back Reserve.
  • To enhance the price floor of tokens, the system will automatically transfer 2% of all transactions to a liquidity pool.
  • BUSD Reflection: The system will automatically award BUSD coins to its holders. The objective is for 8% of every purchase and sell transaction to be converted to BUSD and distributed evenly to holders.

Tokenomics :

Users can simply obtain SantaCoin as a deflationary token via supported exchange platforms. SantaCoin is a utility token, which means it can be used for a variety of purposes such as transactions, passive income, investment, and so on. Users will be rewarded for their engagement based on the quantity of tokens they possess; the more tokens they have, the more incentives they will earn. This is a new deflationary token that has the potential to grow in the future.

Roadmap :

To conclude :

Tokens that use a deflationary principle allow their supply to drop in proportion to the number of transactions, increasing their rarity and providing benefits to its holders. And SantaCoin is here as a token with a deflationary premise that will offer its holders with benefits in the form of BUSD tokens. By keeping SantaCoin, users will be able to enjoy tokens at a greater price, as the rising rarity of SantaCoin will impact its price, benefiting holders, particularly early holders. SantaCoin aspires to be a trustworthy hyperinflationary token that rewards its users internationally.

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