The Nebula Protocol is a DeFi Token Launched by the Community.

The Nebula Protocol :

Nebula Protocol Features :

  • Community driven : The Nebula Protocol, as previously stated, is a community-driven platform that allows users to engage in a governance platform.
  • Fair Launched : To ensure the token’s long-term viability, the Nebula Protocol will offer initial liquidity that will be locked for six months.
  • Automatic LP : The Nebula Protocol creates a method in which every trade contributes to the automated generation of liquidity inside PancakeSwap LP.
  • Static RFI Rewards : The Nebula Protocol enables users to earn passive revenue through static reflection.
  • Smart Contract : The Nebula Protocol verifies and publishes contracts on the Binance Smart Chain.

SVT Token :

Nebula Protocol Roadmap :

To conclude :

More Info :




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