The Most Attractive Metaverse Project on BSC is CoPuppy.

The non-fungible token, or NFT, is a system designed to act as a copyright for digital material. The copyright of digital information may be safeguarded with blockchain technology by employing the NFT protocol, which does not allow for manipulation. For example, someone may use the NFT protocol to protect their digital artwork and then sell it on a marketplace that accepts NFT token trading, such as Rarible, OpenSea, and numerous other NFT markets.

When it comes to NFT tokens, you might be interested in this one: CoPuppy, the first NFT puppy released on the Binance Smart Chain network. CoPuppy provides users with cutting-edge features including collecting, fighting, lending, value, gamefi, and the metaverse. Users may utilize these features to become NFT token collectors, compete with other users for free tokens, or become liquidity providers and receive incentives.

NFT Token :

NFT tokens are extremely popular in the crypto market, especially after numerous people successfully sold their NFT tokens for millions of dollars, piqued people’s interest in this protocol. NFT has effectively established itself as one of the areas driving the development of the cryptocurrency industry today. According to CoinMarketCap, the valuation of the NFT industry to date is USD 35 billion, and this figure will continue to rise as the NFT protocol is more adopted by worldwide content providers. Because of the growing popularity of NFT, CoPuppy has decided to offer a metaverse project on the BSC platform. Users may enjoy a variety of exciting features in CoPuppy, including collecting, fighting, lending, valuation, gamefi, and the metaverse. With these capabilities, customers may explore and profit from the CoPuppy environment alongside their NFT.

CoPuppy is the first doggy NFT project to be launched on BSC, making it a bold and popular initiative. This is obvious from the numerous contributions made by the community, investors, and close partners of CoPuppy, and it gives CoPuppy hope that this project will become one of the most successful NFT ventures in the market in the future.

The CoPuppy project provides one-of-a-kind features :

CoPuppy is an NFT project that was launched on the BSC platform and offers users a variety of unique features. Users in CoPuppy may acquire adorable NFT tokens from a variety of series, including fashion, cute pet, science, and fantasy. But that’s not all; CoPuppy has numerous additional features as well :

  • Puppy Battle : An exclusive game that allows users to combat other gamers using their NFT tokens. Later, the combat will feature 100 pups of various shapes and sizes divided into ten categories. Users that participate later will be rewarded for their efforts.
  • Genesis Card and Sharing on Doggo Finance Cardholders have access to the financing platform offered by CoPuppy.
  • The metaverse is CoPuppy’s universe, which is divided into seven distinct zones with distinct features and functions. Later users are supposed to make it in this insane environment.
  • Cultivating : Users can get passive revenue by becoming liquidity providers by depositing specified LP or farming on farms.
  • DAO Mechanism : In order to improve the economic system, CoPuppy allows users to engage in the DAO mechanism, which allows them to deposit and wait for a certain length of time, which may be 30, 60, or 90 days. Users can obtain a Surprise Mystery Box for free after the term is finished.

Tokenomics :

CoPuppy features a native coin called CP, which was released in 2017. The CP coin will be released on the Binance Network using BEP-20 protocols and will be immediately incorporated into the platform. However, somewhat different CP tokens will be issued directly with liquidity and then enable trading of CP tokens with a maximum of 100K tokens to establish a fair trading system, rather than utilizing a fair launch, pre-sale, or private placement. Users can obtain CP tokens by purchasing them straight from the CoPuppy website.

Symbol : CP
Contract address : 0x82c19905b036bf4e329740989dcf6ae441ae26c1
Total Supply : 12,153,225.157056
Chain : BinanceSmartChain(BEP-20)
Price : $1.8

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To conclude :

The NFT protocol is said to be a very good protocol for securing the copyright of digital property such as artwork, music, and so on. Users may make money by trading their digital material on marketplaces that support the NFT protocol, such as Rarible, OpenSea, and others, using the NFT protocol. And CoPuppy is here as an NFT platform with novel features including collecting, fight, lending, value, gamefi, and the metaverse. Users may explore the CoPuppy world and win free tokens by using their NFT tokens. Users can also become liquidity providers in order to be rewarded for their involvement. On the CoPuppy platform, there will be a lot of fun to be had. CoPuppy is certain that as the first Doggy NFT project to be launched on the Binance Smart Chain, it will be a successful NFT project in the market, especially with the help of audit professionals, potential investors, close partners, and the community.

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