KOINOMO fund is a worldwide investment fund, and global investment funds necessitate the use of a global base currency. Bitcoin/USD, sometimes known as digital gold, is the currency. Since its inception in 2009 by a guy called Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin has been the greatest performing asset. This individual or organization does not have control over Bitcoin since Bitcoin is controlled and owned by the individual who does.

This is referred to as “Distributed Ledger Technology” DLT (Ledger is the Book of all Bitcoin transactions). This ledger, also known as the Ledger, is controlled and run on computers all over the world, which means that KOINOMO allows investors to deposit Bitcoin to other Bitcoin pools from investors all over the world, from which our company invests and trades in the cryptocurrency market, which is similar to the forex market. Our main trading pair is BTC:USD, and all deals on our trading desk are done with the goal of returning gains to all participating members.
As more investors enter the cryptocurrency sector and demand for Bitcoin rises, so does the value of various digital assets.

Because the cryptocurrency business is still in its infancy, now is a fantastic time to invest before general acceptance comes, boosting the odds at a later stage. When an instance, this is analogous to purchasing a company’s stock before it climbs to success, resulting in attractive returns for investors as the company’s stock grows in value vs the price point at which they purchased it. Trading is one of the most common ways to raise the value of your Bitcoin holdings, but it requires time, patience, and a lot of skill.


Asset management by Koinomo ,To become a KOINOMO Fund investor, you must first visit KOINOMO.com and then browse to the registration button, commonly known as “Start Investing.” After that, you’ll be sent to the KOINOMO PORTAL. You will be able to transmit funds from your current account to your wallet using a QR code or your Wallet Address on our website. Further information on these procedures may be found in the “KOINOMO Wallet Explanation” and “Procedures for Funding FundsKOINOMO” sections below. KOINOMO Wallet DescriptionOnce you have created your wallet, you will need to transfer Bitcoins from your favorite exchange or another existing wallet. After transferring Bitcoin to the KOINOMO wallet, the balance in the upper right corner should show the amount of Bitcoin sent.

This wealth is clearly evident. Click Invest Bitcoin to FUND, then input it and choose the network to utilize. From here, you must confirm your investment into the fund by re-entering your password. A green check mark will appear along with the transaction ID, allowing you to follow your funds throughout the blockchain. Your investment will be visible on the KOINOMO Funds page within 24 hours. Because of the investment, our system restarts every 24 hours, and all gains and losses occur on that day.


KOINOMO has solved the majority of the key issues confronting the financial industry today.


KOINOMO tokens provide a remedy to the present global monetary system’s dubious economic practices. Furthermore, tokens give a means to re-establishing a fair allocation of currency flows in the economy.

KOINOMO will concentrate on growing KMO token acceptance. Increased adoption of KMOs will offer asset price rise support, which will fuel growth and lead to higher capital inflows into the KOINOMO economy.

Tokenomics :

The native token of Koinomo is known as KMO. The KMO token was published on the Binance platform using the BEP-20 protocol and will function as an alternative payment on the platform, which means it will accept wallets that support the BEP-20 protocol and will be simple to integrate. Koinomo provides a wallet where users may keep their tokens to make token storage easier. KMO tokens may be obtained by acquiring them during the pre-ICO and IDO, which will be hosted on certain exchanges.

PRE-SALES & VALUE KOINOMO token will be distributed on PancakeSwap based on the BSC Network.

Starting on September 4, 2021 (09:00 GMT)

500,000 KMO tokens were sold (5 %)

Ends on September 16, 2021. (11:00 GMT)

1 KMO = $0.5 in presale token price

Acceptable currencies are BNB (bep-20) and USDT.

The minimum transaction amount is $100 in BNB.


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