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This time, I’d like to inform you about GREENEARTHMOON, a unique and transparent Defi project. BinanceSmartChain owns the platform on which this project is developed (BEP-20)

First, I’d want to discuss cryptocurrency, often known as blockchain technology. So, cryptocurrency was first recognized as a payment method that lets users to make transactions rapidly, without the involvement of third parties, in a transparent, secure, and anonymous manner. Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, enables Bitcoin to outperform the centralized financial system, which is prone to manipulation and controlled by a single entity. With the expansion and development of the cryptocurrency or blockchain ecosystem, a variety of alternative investment choices have arisen, and they have proved to be more efficient and successful investing instruments than traditional financial returns. Innovative projects with high return investments and continuous trends are continuously developing in the crypto sector, such as GREENEARTHMOON, which is one of the initiatives that will draw big market investments. So, don’t squander this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

About GreenEarthMoon :

GreenEarthMoon Coins are set aside as permanent prize tokens. This implies that if someone buys or sells something, you have the potential to collect taxes on the transaction. As a result, think of it as receiving a high rate of return merely for owning and keeping. The longer you keep the tokens, the more tokens you’ll receive. Initially, 33% of tokens were burnt and transferred to invalid addresses. Tokens are also accepted as static rewards at this address. When tokens are sent to this address, they are removed from circulation for good. When there are fewer tokens in circulation, the value of each token rises automatically. As a result, owning tokens automatically increases the amount of tokens you possess, and each token you own grows in value over time. Isn’t it amazing? In addition, we charge a 1% direct burn fee on every purchase and sale. So, be the first to invest in this fantastic enterprise.

GreenEarthMoon Mission :

As a global community, we must concentrate our efforts on green energy that is sustainable. There is already some excellent green energy technologies available. Solar panels, wind farms, water producers, dams, and so forth. There are also several new green energy initiatives in the works that most people are unaware of. To mention a few, artificial photosynthesis, liquid sunshine, and 3D printed solar energy trees. Green energy must be widely available and accessible to everybody. We will be collaborating with organizations and innovators through the GreenEarthMoonCoin to deliver green energy to more people.

We aim to assist people realize the importance of green energy and learn how they can promote it and contribute to a more sustainable way of life. Approximately 1 billion people on the globe do not have access to electricity. That is something we intend to fix.

Tokenomic :

Every sale and buy transaction triggers three critical events.

1 . 5 % of purchases are allocated to locked liquidity, which is continually replenishing the liquidity pool.

2 . Existing holders receive a 4% bonus. The more time you spend in the community, the more tokens you will receive.

3 . 1% of the population was extinguished permanently. As the quantity is reduced, the value of each token rises with each transaction. Every purchase and transaction is subject to a 10% tax.

As we all know, cryptocurrencies represent the future of global money, but they are also responsible for a significant portion of world energy consumption, which is rising. The majority of this electricity is derived from extremely hazardous energy sources. We are here to assist you.

We will assist numerous organizations and support research for green energy and sustainability through our charity token, Green Earth Moon Coin (GEMC). Static incentives and automatic liquidity tokens will benefit our community members and token holders.

GreenEarthMoon’s mission is to help the planet and its people enjoy a higher quality of life by utilizing cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, green energy, and sustainable living.

In the future, when we get revenue from item sales, consultancy, or other sources, we will contribute 100% of it to the charity wallet. If the development team wishes to benefit from GEMC, we must buy, promote, and hold GEMC with the community.

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