The First OOH Blockchain Advertising Network Will Be Powered by PADcoin.

Nowadays, many individuals on the road wrap their cars with ads, whether from local or well-known businesses, but what precisely is this? According to Wikipedia, this is out-of-home advertising, also known as OOH Ads (outdoor advertising). Wrapping automobiles with advertisements is also a part of OOH Ads, which allows car owners to generate money from it. Owners of automobiles will profit from the advertising time; the longer it lasts, the more money they will receive.

And it appears that individuals are increasingly inventing with OOH Ads, such as PADcoin, the PowerAD platform’s own on-platform currency that will fund the platform’s operation and development. PowerAD is a blockchain-based marketing entity that enables vehicle owners to monetise their vehicles by wrapping them with advertising. PowerAD makes out-of-home advertising as simple as publishing a Facebook ad; customers can monetise their automobile with only a few clicks.

On-vehicle Advertising :

Before we get into PADcoin, let’s first define PowerAD and the solutions it provides. PowerAD is a platform that, by integrating it with blockchain technology, is transforming out-of-home advertising and making it more accessible and inventive. PowerAD makes it simple for car owners to earn money on a regular basis by covering their vehicles with ads from numerous businesses. The service supplied by PowerAD enables automobile owners to quickly publish advertising for their vehicles using the website or application provided by PowerAD. PowerAD also provides sophisticated real-time monitoring, analysis, and reporting tools for brands and drivers via their application, which will considerably assist drivers and brands in monitoring their performance.

And PADcoin will act as a catalyst, assisting in the functioning and growth of PowerAD. PADcoin will serve as the only currency on PowerAD for a variety of purposes, including payments, advertising, marketplace listings, and so on. PADcoin will be the primary token on the network, driving the PowerAD economy.

PADcoin Features :

PADcoin is PowerAD’s unique currency that will serve as the platform’s “fuel.” PADcoin will be used for a variety of purposes on PowerAD, including payments, advertising, and so on. PADcoin makes PowerAD platform transactions more efficient, quick, and smooth. Because PADcoin is built on Ethereum ERC-20, which has been used by numerous cryptocurrencies worldwide and has shown to be secure and reliable. But that’s not all; PADcoin also has the following features :

  • PADcoin will be utilized throughout the campaign and in interactions between entities. PowerAD, on the other hand, intends to allow the usage of stable currencies and other Ethereum ERC-20 tokens on the network.
  • Advertisers: Advertisers will require PADcoin to launch advertising campaigns.
  • Drivers: PADcoin will be required for dealers to be able to identify themselves as available for campaigns on the Marketplace. If the rider does not have PADcoin, they will be unable to participate in the campaign.
  • Token Burning: A tiny amount of PADcoin will be burnt for each transaction made while launching campaigns and subscribing as a campaign driver.
  • Campaign Tracking and Performance: One-third of all PADcoin tokens will be reserved for off-chain use.
  • Staking: PADcoin may be utilized by users to engage in staking pools and receive rewards for their efforts.
  • Governance and Validation: If users stake their tokens, they get the ability to participate in network governance and validation.

PADcoin Token :

To conclude :

PowerAD is the world’s first platform with a solution to revolutionize and make OOH advertising more accessible. PowerAD enables automobile owners to monetise their vehicles by wrapping them with advertisements, which is as simple as posting advertising on Facebook. PowerAD connects marketers with private automobile owners, allowing them to gain from one another. And PADcoin will be a cryptocurrency on PowerAD that will assist the platform’s operation and development. PADcoin will be the sole currency used to make the PowerAD payment system more creative, efficient, and beneficial for all participants.

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