Stormy — Nеxt Gеn Crурtо Yеld Prоtосоl Hght Fxеd APY n Crурtо.

Whаt іѕ DAO?

Dесеntrаlizеd Autоnоmоu Orgаnzаtоn (DAO) аrе оrgаnzаtоn dеvеlореd tо bе аutоmаtеd аnd dесеntrаlzеd. They operate as a venture capital fund, based on open-source code and without a centralized management structure.
All оrgаnzаtоn trаnасtiоn аrе rесоrdеd аnd mаntаinеd оn thе blосkсhаn. Intеrеst оf DAO mеmbеr аrе hеаrd аnd еxесutеd if hоnоrеd соrrесtlу. As a result, DAO are transparant and, in theory, incorruptible. All оrgаnzаtоn trаnасtiоn аrе rесоrdеd аnd mаntаinеd оn а blосkсhаn.

StormYield Finance’s distinguishing features :

  • StormYield Finance is a fantastic staking solution with unique features aimed to provide significant benefits to $STY holders.
  • Secure staking service: 5% of all trading fees are held in the STY Insurance Fund, which helps to sustain staking rewards by ensuring price stability.
  • Highest and Easiest Staking: Staking with StormYield Finance is the simplest of all. Investors should just HOLD TO EARN $STY, which has the highest APY of 669,212 percent.
  • $STY investors will receive a reward every 05 minutes (288 times per day), making STY the quickest auto-compound financing platform in the crypto market.
  • THE LIGHTNING ROD — a progressive burning mechanism — is one of the most distinctive features. STY Lighting Rod safeguards the STY protocol by lowering the circulating supply and sustaining a higher STY pricing over time.

Auto-Compounding :

The STY Auto-Compound function uses a straightforward Hold to Earn method, allowing you to earn rebase incentives like interest payments directly into your wallet just by holding the $STY token.
STY permits the payment of $STY tokens directly proportional to epoch rebase incentives. All BSC wallets holding $STY token earn auto-compounded interest incentive of 0.00838 percent every 5 minutes, thanks to Crypto’s highest paid Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding protocol and the highest fixed APY in the industry at 669,212.62 percent.
StormYield Finance offers an innovative, highest, and simplest way to benefit from staking $STY by utilizing the power of compounding interest.

STY Insurance Fund (SIF) :

SIF is an abbreviation for the STY Insurance Fund. The SIF is a distinct wallet within the STY system that receives 5% of the Buy and Sell trading fees that accumulate in the SIF wallet.
The SIF functions as an insurance fund, paying a 0.00838 percent rebase rate to all $STY holders every 5 minutes to guarantee price stability, eliminate flash collapses, and stimulate long-term growth of the STY Protocol.

STY Treasury :

The Treasury is crucial to the STY Protocol. In the case of a severe price decline or an unprecedented black-swan incident, the Treasury would give support to the SIF, ensuring that the price remained steady and sustainable in the long term.
The Treasury also finances our marketing initiatives, community activities, investments, and future product research and development.

The Lightning Rod :

The Lighting Rod is the initial Burning mechanism in STY Protocol. The Lighting Rod consumes 2.5 % of all $STY exchanged.
The more that is exchanged, the more that the Rod liquidates. The STY Lighting Rod, like real-life lightning rods, safeguards the STY Protocol by decreasing the circulating supply, hence countering positive rebase interest and ensuring the protocol’s sustainability.

STY Auto-Liquidity Engine (SALE) :

Liquidity is a pool of money divided 50/50 between $STY and $BNB tokens, allowing anybody to purchase and sell their STY/BNB at any moment.
However, you won’t be able to obtain a reasonable deal if the pool isn’t liquid enough. As a result, the STY Team created the STY Auto-Liquidity Engine (SALE) to automatically add liquidity to the original Liquidity Pool.

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