StartFi is an integrated Web3-based multi-channel network for NFT creators.

Digital Content Financing :

StartFi Project Development and Marketing Plan :

StartFi Features :

  • Users who own StartFi tokens have the ability to engage in the governance platform. Users have influenced numerous platform decisions through engaging in the platform’s governance.
  • Interoperability : StartFi was meant to be interoperable with existing blockchains as well as future blockchain technologies.
  • Fully Decentralized : StartFi is meant to function in a decentralized environment that is free of third-party meddling.
  • StartFi delivers automated market maker (AMM) + NFT DEX built on Ethereum to ease user crypto exchange.
  • Trusted Pools : Content providers can list NFT with KYC and whitelist features without restriction.
  • Private Auctions : To preserve their privacy, content producers can run private campaigns without a public connection.

Tokenomics :

StartFi Team :

To conclude :

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