StartFi is an integrated Web3-based multi-channel network for NFT creators.

5 min readAug 25, 2021

The non-fungible token is a system that allows content providers to use blockchain technology to safeguard their digital material. This protocol makes it simpler for content producers to trade their digital material more simply and safely. Instead of going via a third party, content creators may sell their digital content directly through a marketplace that supports NFT token trading.

With the rising NFT sector in the crypto market and an increasing number of content creators adopting the NFT protocol, StartFi aims to provide a platform that will allow content creators to generate funding for their NFT tokens. StartFi provides tools to help content creators with things like Initial NFT Offering, digital rights management, monetization, and much more. Not only does StartFi promote creator material, but it also assists fans in connecting with and supporting their favorite creator content, in exchange for prizes and unique digital assets.

Digital Content Financing :

Many potential content makers are presently trying to secure finance for their digital material. If they receive money for their material, they will be able to be even more active in order to generate greater content for their followers. Fortunately, there is now an NFT protocol that allows content producers to protect their work on the blockchain and simply sell it on a marketplace that supports the NFT protocol. To make it simpler for content producers to gain support for their work, StartFi created a platform that allows them to collect cash for their work while also connecting with their audience. Not only that, but StartFi makes it simple for content producers to handle digital rights, monetization/sales, audience matching, promotion and marketing, and other aspects from a single platform.

Users may become fans and interact with their favorite creators’ material, as well as support them by upvoting designs, boosting artists, participating in fans with others, and engaging in other creative activities. In exchange for their involvement, members will get prizes and exclusive digital goods.

StartFi Project Development and Marketing Plan :

Since a sustainable growth plan is another catalyst that accelerates an organization’s objective, it is another fundamental skill of the StartFi Project team. The implementation of the marketing plan occurred as a result of the championing process. The analytical phases during the development and marketing plan are listed below.

StartFi Features :

StartFi is an NFT platform that helps content producers raise funding for their work. StartFi offers tools that will assist content producers in selling their digital material and getting a better start in life. But that’s not all; StartFi also has the following features :

  • Users who own StartFi tokens have the ability to engage in the governance platform. Users have influenced numerous platform decisions through engaging in the platform’s governance.
  • Interoperability : StartFi was meant to be interoperable with existing blockchains as well as future blockchain technologies.
  • Fully Decentralized : StartFi is meant to function in a decentralized environment that is free of third-party meddling.
  • StartFi delivers automated market maker (AMM) + NFT DEX built on Ethereum to ease user crypto exchange.
  • Trusted Pools : Content providers can list NFT with KYC and whitelist features without restriction.
  • Private Auctions : To preserve their privacy, content producers can run private campaigns without a public connection.

Tokenomics :

StartFi features a native token called STFI token that will be the platform’s primary payment method. STFI coin will function as a utility token, which means it will be utilized for token governance, fees, staking, and user incentives. Later, fans who participate in different activities initiated by content producers will be rewarded with STFI tokens and special digital assets. Users can obtain STFI tokens by purchasing them on the MXC market.

StartFi Team :

The StartFi Team is made up of blockchain experts, particularly in the field of NFT management and cryptocurrency. First and foremost, the team prioritizes the sustainable development of StartFi within the framework of making NFT a community-driven project. These experts have a well-developed knowledge in this field of expertise, and the core team is drawn from multinational and traditional financial securities firms. These individuals have extensive expertise in traditional blockchain-based transactions, top-tier crypto asset trading platform research and development, and worldwide market operations.

To conclude :

it is not difficult for content producers to obtain money for their work; as long as they are active, there are several venues available to market their work. Especially now that there is an NFT protocol for securing digital information and trading it in the market. And StartFi is here as an NFT platform to help content producers receive funding for their work. StartFi allows users to perform Initial NFT Offerings for their NFT tokens and sell them directly to their community without any involvement. Creators may not only sell their tokens here, but also control their digital rights, monetization/sales, marketing, and so on. conveniently and safely on a single platform In addition, fans may interact with and support their favorite content producers by engaging in every activity conducted by the creators, and in exchange, fans will get incentives in the form of STFI tokens and special digital assets. StartFi’s goal is to provide a platform that allows content producers to sell their digital material and improve their life.

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