Solidus is a platform that constructs efficient and environmentally sustainable data centers for the European market.

High Powered Computing (HPC) is a supercomputer that has thousands of compute nodes that collaborate to assist users execute various tasks more rapidly and effectively. HPC is analogous to a machine made up of hundreds of PCs connected to a network that coordinates its power to finish jobs faster. Today, many organizations and businesses use HPC in their organization or business. HPC, particularly for businesses, plays an essential role in completing various activities more efficiently and quickly; as a result, most businesses today employ HPC to do various tasks in their business.

The need for high-performance computing (HPC) is rising in modern times, owing to a variety of causes. In response to the HPC market, Solidus was established as a platform that would build an Eco-Friendly High-Powered Computing (HPC) Data Center as well as an Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS) platform where people or organizations may obtain computing services. electricity that is more conveniently and economically available.



HPC Data Center :

Solidus not only constructs an HPC and Infrastructure-as-a-Service data center, but also a computation network designed to more efficiently distribute computing resources to people or companies. Solidus is focused on developing a platform that is supported by artificial intelligence technology, allowing the process to function more effectively. AI technology can also enable the development of a more contemporary ecosystem capable of completing numerous activities more efficiently than would be possible without the use of AI technology.

Solidus Features :

  • Enterprise Blockchain Solution : Solidus’ solution enables public sector enterprises to choose the best blockchain solution for their needs. Solidus creates a blockchain operating system that includes numerous blockchain functionalities that businesses want, such as smart contracts and asset management solutions.
  • Security is a major concern in a technological platform, thus Solidus is devoted to providing consumers with a high-security service that secures all user data and does not allow for hacking or other issues.
  • AI Tech: Electrolysis activists are the future, thus in response, Solidus has designed a platform that includes technologies such as AI GPU data centers and others.

Tokenomics :

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