SolarBlox — Use Solar Energy to Make the World a Better Place in Crypto

5 min readOct 21, 2022

Since crypto-assets first entered the mainstream financial dialogue, there has been an ongoing argument about how much electricity and energy bitcoin transactions take. Statistics and stories have been cited, such as the fact that bitcoin consumes more electricity than some nations and that mining bitcoin is the equivalent of connecting a brand new city to some electrical networks. Crypto mining consumes a tremendous amount of electricity and energy, however this overlooks the larger and more relevant issue.

Environmental concerns should not be overlooked because coal and fossil fuels are the key components of generating power, and 65 percent of Bitcoin mining took place in China, which is heavily reliant on fossil fuels. Coal combustion is a major contributor to environmental climate change, resulting in excessive CO2 emissions and pollution.

The rise of the crypto economy has resulted in a change in global energy consumption away from fossil fuels and toward clean and green energy. To ensure the progress of the monetary finance future, we as operators must pave the path for a new world of cleaner energy. Solar panels will be the most popular and scalable adoption. Along with its ecosystem of technical talent, the technology for generating high-efficiency panels has matured to the point of mainstream acceptance. As a result, we are launching SolarBlox, a project that works in the same space.

What exactly is SolarBlox ?

SolarBlox attempts to transform the Cryptocurrency Mining network toward environmental friendliness by using its strength and leading position in clean and renewable energy production. The Solarblox initiative intends to invest in solar infrastructure in order to boost the renewable energy percentage. Solar infrastructure may be packaged and sold as a financial product.

SolarBlox’s Mission :

The goal is to cut power rates by at least 50% while also giving migration and renewable energy subsidies to local and multinational enterprises within ASEAN. As a result, having crypto mining that uses 50% renewable energy is certainly within reach in this new venture.

Why use SolarBlox ?

  • Cryptocurrency is a less expensive energy source. Mining is costly to begin; the computational power, secure location, and security measures give miners a lot to think about — SolarBlox overcomes these issues by mining using cheaper and sustainable energy from the solar system.
  • Cleaner Energy Source — While clean and renewable energy meets half of the world’s energy needs, non-renewable energy undermines the environment’s general health. Purchasing carbon credits from SolarBlox negates the impact. Carbon credits are saved in renewable energy-powered electric units.
  • Decentralization — The profitability of mining a cryptocurrency isn’t a high goal for SolarBlox since they consider the carbon impact, the purpose of the coin, and its use cases. Demand for ASICs for unrequested crypto will level the playing field for miners interested in mining the currency in question. As a result, ASIC production bias is less centralized.

Features of SolarBlox :

  • SolarBlox and NFTs — In order for the SolarBlox network to be fully functioning, they want to incorporate NFT minting and usage inside the ecosystem. SolarBlox seeks to create and integrate a system that mints 100% carbon-neutral NFTs, as well as a marketplace and use cases that persuade artists to support the Carbon Credit Marketplace.
  • Decentralized Finance in SolarBlox — SolarBlox: lowering operational expenses through green energy adoption while preserving asset flow via the DeFi function. As there will be a limitless supply of tokens for every swap and exchange transaction on the platform, the objective is to build an exchange in the future that coincides with the DeFi cause.
  • Mine to Earn (M2E) — Users on the SolarBlox network will be rewarded in multiple tokens for mining $SOLARBLOX tokens. Previously, miners had to create mining rigs specifically for the mining operations of a certain cryptocurrency, leaving out other tokens. Transactions using $SOLARBLOX and other currencies are taxed and dispersed around the network as part of the M2E functionality.
  • Metaverse Application — There will be Metaverse meetings for SolarBlox users to gather and debate the future steps. Tier-level NFTs will be required to get access to meetings and debates held in private Metaverse venues.

SolarBlox Tokens (SBX) :

$SBX is the SolarBlox ecosystem’s native coin. Profits from SolarBlox’s mining activity are distributed to $SBX holders. The incentive structure favors high-value holders, and implementing smart contract algorithms to function in this manner can be difficult. Being developed on the Binance Smart Chain increases usefulness, scalability, and interoperability.

Roadmap :

Conclusion :

SolarBlox is developing a bitcoin mining protocol that aims to eliminate inefficient mining rigs while also advocating for better energy sources and mining best practices. $SOLARBLOX Tokens will serve as an entry point for investors looking to contribute to the study and development of clean and renewable energy for cryptocurrency mining. The SolarBlox platform will be a cross between Proof of Authority and Proof of Work.

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