Sealem Lab, The Interoperable DeFi+GameFi Platform of the Future.

What Exactly Is Sealem Lab ?

How to Profit in Protocol :

  • $ST Protocol Bonding : Bonding is one of the most certain ways to profit from the ST protocol. To utilize the platform, the ST protocol requires a $ST token. This is accomplished by the issuing of Bonds. Users buy bonds and place them in the $ST liquidity mechanism. ST/BNB, ST/BUSD, and ST/ETH are examples of this type of liquidity. If a user purchases bonds, they will receive $ST tokens after a 14-day vesting period. Users will be rewarded for this, and the amount will be determined by the overall liquidity.
  • Staking: The majority of DeFi users are accustomed to staking. Users can stake their $ST tokens in the ST protocol to gain $SR Tokens. ST token holders who bet will receive daily interest and stand to gain significantly if the price of $ST rises.

Unique Mechanism :



Conclusion :

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