RushMoon is a Yield Farm and AMM on BSC with Creative And Unique Features.

4 min readJun 1, 2021

We will always find a variety of intriguing subjects to cover while discussing decentralized finance. Decentralized finance, abbreviated as DeFi, is a protocol that enables numerous decentralized financial apps that allow users to optimize their profit, trade tokens, and utilize them for a variety of other reasons. Since Binance debuted their chain technology, called Binance Smart Chain, the DeFi industry has seen substantial growth, and many DeFi platforms have embraced BSC technology since it is seen to be more efficient and superior than traditional blockchain technology.

RushMoon is present as an autonomous liquidity acquisition yield farm & AMM platform developed on BSC, observing the evolution of the DeFi industry. RushMoon provides customers with a user-friendly and responsive interface to an innovative and modern decentralized exchange and farming business. Yield Farm & AMM is a game with unique features that enable gamers to win every day.

Hello and welcome to RushMoon :

It is no longer difficult to generate passive money on a daily basis. Especially in the cryptocurrency industry, where DeFi platforms provide a variety of creative and sophisticated features that allow users to optimize their profit and generate passive income on a daily basis. RushMoon, the DeFi platform, saw this possibility and wanted to create a yield farm & AMM platform with a number of unique and original features that allow users to win every day.

RushMoon is a decentralized exchange and autonomous liquidity acquisition yield farm built on the Binance Smart Chain, which is one of the greatest chain technologies available today. By using BSC, RushMoon is able to provide quick, secure, and low-cost services via a user-friendly and responsive interface.

With the many options available, consumers may optimize their return on investment. Users do not need to go through any rigorous KYC or sign-up procedures; they simply link their BSC wallet, select the appropriate product, and begin earning right immediately.

RushMoon Features :

RushMoon is a DeFi platform that provides players with a range of unique and original features that allow them to win every day. RushMoon is based on the Binance Smart Chain, which is currently one of the top chains. When users conduct trades on RushMoon, they can earn rewards. RushMoon will send out incentives based on user engagement. The more frequently users trade, the more benefits they will receive. Not only that, but RushMoon has numerous more features as well :

  • Automated Liquidity : RushMoon has an automatic liquidity system in place, where every transfer of RUSH must pay a 5% transfer tax, of which 4% is automatically assigned to the liquidity pool.
  • Automated Burning : A 1% transfer tax from each RUSH transfer will be burnt as quickly as feasible.
  • Harvest Lockup : RushMoon features a one-of-a-kind rewards lockup system that restricts the frequency of harvesting.
  • Deposit Redistribution Fee : When a user begins staking, they must pay a 4 percent deposit fee, which will be utilized to expand the liquidity buyback pool.
  • BuyBack : RushMoon features a buyback function that removes 2% of liquidity each time it is invoked, and the liquidity is then divided into BNB and RUSH.
  • Referral Program: Users may earn extra money by sharing their referral link. Invitees will receive 1% of their friends’ profits in perpetuity.
  • There is no Migrator Code: In the MasterChef contract, RushMoon deleted the migrator code.
  • Timelock : RushMoon included a timelock when it was launched.

RUSH Token :

RushMoon introduces the RUSH token, a native token that serves as a utility token and contributes to the platform’s development. RushMoon has developed an RUSH token with an infinite maximum supply based on Binance BEP-20. Users will profit from having an RUSH token in a variety of ways, including the ability to engage in staking and yield farming, adding value to tokens, and so on. Users can obtain RUSH tokens through a pre-sale hosted by RushMoon.

Presale details:

Price: 1 BNB = 750,000 RUSH

Pancake listing price: 1 BNB = 650,000 RUSH

Pancake listing date: Immadierty after hard cap met or 23 May 18:00 UTC

Max cap per wallet — 3,750,000 RUSH tokens (~5 BNB) No minimum.

Tokens are locked until presale end.

To conclude :

The DeFi sector is one of the areas of the crypto industry that has seen tremendous growth in recent months. This industry has expanded and generated a wide range of creative and successful financial solutions. And RushMoon is here to help as an autonomous liquidity acquisition yield farm & AMM platform with a number of unique and new features that enable customers to win every day. RushMoon is built on BSC, one of the greatest chains today, and as such provides quick, safe, low-fee, dependable service to everyone worldwide.

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