Rangers Protocol is a Blockchain Infrastructure for the Future Virtual World.

Virtual World :

Rangers Protocol Features :

  • Bridging : An integrated cross-chain solution provides for the most efficient and smooth asset movement. When combined with a consensus mechanism, the user’s assets will be secure.
  • Consensus : In order to alleviate issues associated with high-frequency trading, the Rangers Protocol will be combined with the VRF+BLS consensus mechanism, which will reduce network congestion and use costs.
  • NFT Protocols : When the NFT protocol is incorporated, all assets in the virtual world may be standardized using the ERC-721 protocol.
  • Real-time Response : To address issues with response delays, Rangers Protocol employs a real-time confirmation of transactions solution, which results in virtually immediate response execution.
  • Developer-Friendly : Rangers Protocol is meant to provide developers with the best possible experience while utilizing Rangers Protocol in their applications. Rangers Protocol will let developers to profit from barrier-free access and free switching of Ethereum dapps.

Tokenomics :

Roadmap :

To conclude :

More Info :




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