What exactly is Rabbit Finance?

What is Rabbit Finance?

Rabbit Finance is an agricultural commodity protocol developed by Rabbit Finance Lab that is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It enables users to gain more money by engaging in liquidity farming with surplus borrowing and leverage.

As users lack funds but choose to invest in DeFi’s liquidity farm, Rabbit Finance will have up to 10X the leverage to help users gain the most money per unit of time while still providing a loan pool for users who prefer secure returns.

As predecessors such as Link, COMP, and BAL failed alone, Rabbit Finance, which was late, began to press for resource convergence to be exclusive for all Defi.

Rabbit Finance’s ecology concept is ambitious, with modules like lever gun pool + stablecoin arithmetic and NFT + stablecoin arithmetic. Rabbit Finance hopes to build a Defi ecosystem by combining interconnected and simple features.

This helps consumers to gain rich income when experiencing different contexts of DeFi use in a one-stop shop.

Rabbit Finance characteristics and principles
Cora lenders deposit their BNB in our safe; the funds are available for borrowing by yield farmers; and he earns interest for supplying this liquidity.

The Dunn the :

The yield farmer wishes to open a leveraged yield farm place in the BTC / BNB pair; he borrowed BNB from the vault and has enjoyed higher yielding agricultural produce.

The rabbit :

Finance’s smart contract manages all of the behind-the-scenes mechanisms, converting funds to the appropriate ratio, adding liquidity to the pot, and staking LP for Pancake Rewards.

The liquidator Gary controls the health of each leveraged position, and if it exceeds the specified parameters, he assists in liquidating the positions, ensuring that such a loan does not loss money. He receives a 5% commission on liquidated positions in exchange for this operation.

What are RABBIT tokens?

Rabbit Finance’s governance token is the RABBIT token. This would also capture the protocol’s economic advantages. A total of 200 million R tokens will be issued.

RABBIT distribution :

  • Community ponds account for 79.75 percent of overall production, or about 159,500,000 RABBIT.
    RABBIT will be launched over two years on a rotting pollution timeline as a group incentive, which will be spread equally across the ecosystem.
  • Institutional Foundation
    10.500,000 RABBIT, or 5.25 percent of the overall stock
    Provide a 5.25 percent funding limit for well-known institutions and investors. Following the completion of the investment, 245,000 RABBIT will be released every 7 days, and 10,500,000 RABBIT will be released within 300 days (about 10 months). Please keep an eye out for further updates about the exact period.

Hard hat: 10,500,000 RABBIT = 525,000 USDT
Exchange rate: 1 RABBIT = 0.05 USDT

  • The Fund for Development
    10% of overall stock, or about 20,000,000 RABBIT
    10% of the tokens issued will be used to finance the team’s growth and extension, and will be entitled to the same two-year grant as the tokens distributed in the Fair Launch Distribution.
  • Warchest supports 5% of the available stock, or almost 10,000,000 RABBIT.
    5% of all tokens allocated are set aside for potential strategic investment. 250,000 tokens were distributed in the first month for listing, auditing, third-party services, and partner liquidity payments.

Words at the End :

Traditional finance has strong entrance hurdles from the standpoint of the ordinary consumer — it is impossible for investors to obtain credit, whereas suppliers receive low wages. Rabbit is supposed to address this issue in the form of Defi in order to offer high income to its users and maximize fund liquidity. This is but one example of the gains and changes brought to customers by Rabbit Finance. Rabbit Capital will play an ever more constructive part in the emerging field of finance.

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