Prasaga Datagrid Blockchain with xbom Desensitized Globalos.

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Prasaga is an open web network with the aim of realizing the full potential of blockchain technologies. Via a cryptoeconomic reward scheme based on regenerative ecosystem values, the world’s biodiversity and infrastructure will be improved. Prasaga has also created a blockchain architecture that he says is the “next evolution” of blockchain technology in terms of speed, attack resistance, developer community, and contributor incentives. In order for blockchain technologies to live up to consumer requirements. Aside from that, DataGrid is thought to be a workaround that speeds up the blockchain and helps it to achieve its maximum potential.


Prasaga has created a global decentralized Blockchain architecture that is optimized for the future.

with the architectural criteria of safety-critical applications in mind One of blockchain’s most significant contributions to the planet has been the launch of speculative coins, which have now been joined by a vast range of unregulated financial derivatives thanks to Decentralized Finance’s (DeFi) distributed market making and liquidity pools. Large-scale technology firms are introducing blockchain solutions in a forward-thinking way, appealing to a broad spectrum of uses, mainly on private chains. The reality is that when it comes to blockchain technology, everyone is really waiting for the emperor’s new clothes — solutions that will change the world.

Blockchain Application Framework

  1. Application -
  2. Application development -
  3. Xbomtm classes and objects -
  4. Class management infrastructure -
  5. Blockchain -
  6. Network Operation system -

Market Use Cases : Of Prasaga

A blockchain that fulfills the pledge that all blockchains have tried to satisfy. A vital part of our DataGrid Blockchain-based server infrastructure. Our team has the knowledge and connections to help catalyze prospects ranging from supply chain management to a full DataGrid marketplace.

1 . create an instance of asset object to represent the business.

2 . create an instance of a fractionalization object, initialized with n fractions.

3 . create an account on the DGB.

4 . h the new account containing a fraction asset reference object.

5 . the account holder of the fraction asset reference object sends a transaction.

Prasaga Features

For a better future of prasaga, blockchain technology should be created.

The DataGrid Blockchain has four main financial models.

The following are some of them:

1 . Developers would benefit from improved infrastructure. Enable them to create apps with distributed decentralized networks and quicker, more competitive marketplaces.

2 . Node Staking Model.

3 . Create an environment where donors are empowered by reward and common interest systems.

4 . Monetary Policy Model.

5 . DataGrid Blockchain is a hybrid consensus protocol that uses both Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) to achieve consensus (PoS).

6 . Deliver a completely open, genuinely decentralized, and distributed infrastructure for the world’s files, as well as bitcoin-level protection.

7 . Prasaga is a blockchain network that has developed the next wave of blockchain architecture.

8 . Monetary Policy Model.

Token details —

Token Name: DGT
Token Type: ERC20 Ethereum
Token Price: $ 0.005
Total Supply: 53,278,888,889 DGT
Contract Address: 0x17101f0ff8f42bc1acf9a85ae0ec2ee4166a6496

In Conclusion

Prasaga aspires to build the next blockchain architecture, which will expand the technology’s potential. In Prasaga, there is a better environment for apps, as well as contributor incentives. As a result, with Prasaga, we will show how blockchain technology will help us create a better future.

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