Play2Earn NFT Game Crypto Pirates.

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Incremental games, often known as clicker games, clicking games, or tap games, are computer games in which the user interacts by executing simple tasks, such as tapping on the screen repeatedly. This crushing grants the player in-game currency, which can be used to increase the rate of cash securing. An idle game, sometimes known as an incremental game, is a type of game distinguished by the key feature of its methodology: leaving the game running with little or no player involvement. While communication with the game is usually beneficial for mobility, it is optional for extended periods of engagement. Today, we must instill in our athletes a sense of nostalgia and joy from their youth. A vast life in which you, aboard your privateer transport, carve your own unique path to fame and money.

About Crypto Pirates :

This is an idle game about privateer adventurers roaming over limitless space territory. For the most part, we grew up reading novels and comic books about privateers. Following that, on the jungle gym, we imagined ourselves as boat commanders, confidently delivering requests to the group, ruthlessly destroying the adversaries, and fearlessly researching in accordance with the Kraken.

Objectives :

The primary goal of the project is to create an exciting interactivity that will be appealing to the user and will provide an opportunity to acquire tokens. We need to provide another work for NFT holders, but most importantly, a fun game for everyone, even those who cannot afford to purchase.

Opportunities for investors and participants :

  • For the Investor
    We will encourage and invest in a task in order to increase the venture’s visibility in the crypto community. This will generate interest in our resources and increase their value.
  • For participants
    You may play this game with no speculation, giving you the potential to make a profit with your present tokens. You can withdraw tokens to your wallet or make in-app purchases.

Tokenomics :

Economics and the marketplace :

The game has three components: assets, piastres, and awards.
* Resources
During battle and investigation, assets are used to repair the boat. Dropped from the throng and discovered while sailing. When someone dies, their assets are forfeited.
* Piestros
Piastres are used to repair a boat in a port and to buy curios. In PvP, piastres cannot be lost. Piastres are seldom found when sailing.
* Prizes
Prizes are obtained by crushing animals and players. The more powerful a chief’s strength, the more rewards you gain for killing it. In the event of PVP demise, a portion of the awards are forfeited. Players are awarded a number of piastres based on the number of prizes won once every day. After then, the reward counter is reset to zero.

Roadmap :

More Info :

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