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Covid-19 is a virus that is quickly and exponentially circulating across the globe. As a result, many nations across the world have suffered major health and economic consequences. To avoid the dissemination of this infection, offices, factories, classrooms, and other busy areas must be closed. This will continue until everyone receives the Covid-19 vaccine, which is being administered in a number of countries.

But, in the middle of a pandemic like now, there is a website that provides games related to Covid-19 that can alleviate people’s concerns about the virus while still rewarding them; this is SafeCovid, a playful and enjoyable gaming platform with NFT historical marketplace around Covid-19 and an automated donation mechanism to Unicef.

Auto-Staking by Playing Against Covid-19 Anxiety.

In the middle of a pandemic, many people are quarantining themselves at home, working or learning from home. As a result, their income is minimal, making it impossible for many people to fulfill their everyday needs. As a result, more consumers currently are attempting to invest in order to sustain their financial situation. Fortunately, the DeFi movement is currently in effect, so many people can earn high returns simply by delivering liquidity, stake tokens, lotteries, and so on to the DeFi network. SafeCovid is one of the DeFi sites that allows users to earn prizes while playing games. This is a gaming website with an NFT historical marketplace focused on Covid-19, as well as an automatic contribution to Unicef.

Users can play games and earn prizes in the form of tokens that can be traded for money at SafeCovid. However, if users want to keep their coins, the benefits would be much higher. Any time a player plays, they will receive a coin, and 20% of the game purchase will be immediately donated to UNICEF. As a result, in addition to receiving benefits, users can also do good by contributing a part of their funds to those in need.

SafeCovid Features :

SafeCovid is a playful and entertaining platform game that helps users to compete against covid-19 anxiety and win prizes. SafeCovid is based on the Binance Smart Chain architecture, which enables the platform to run quickly, with low costs, and efficiently, while still being backed by the well-known Binance community. SafeCovid has a three-tier auto-staking protocol that helps users to earn more tokens as they accumulate more tokens. Not just that, but SafeCovid has some other features as well :

  • SafeCovid distributes 2% in compensation to investors and 2% in auto-liquidity for each purchase.
  • NFTs Historical Covid-19 Museum: NFTs are currently famous. To commemorate our memories of Covid-19, SafeCovid will construct a special NFTs museum around it.
  • SafeCovid reaches an airdrop milestone by conducting an airdrop campaign to support the platform and services.
  • Users can play games and earn prizes by donating. Later, a portion of the game’s proceeds were immediately donated to UNICEF.
  • World Mini-games Platform: By playing mini-games made by players all over the world, users can earn more SFC.
  • Auto-Staking on Three Levels
    The more hours you work, the more money you make. Your incentives rise with each new level.

20% of all transaction’s game and NFT sale are donated to UNICEF. Funds will be sent every quarter.



SFC Token :

SafeCovid introduces SFC, a native token that functions as a utility token. SFC tokens were issued by SafeCovid with a total supply of 7,000,000,000 SFC. The higher the number of tokens possessed by holders, the greater the prizes they collect. Users that are involved in purchasing SFC tokens will do so by Pancakeswap.

Roadmap SafeCovid :

We are on the way

Website 100%

SafePaper 80%

Lottery & First Mini-game 70%

Mini-games community platform 20%

NFT Marketplace 10%

NFT Historical Museum

Listing Coin Market Cap & CoinGecko

Listing on Exchange

Partnerships :

To conclude :

Covid-19 is a lethal virus that has claimed many lives and caused significant economic damage in many countries. Many individuals have lost their jobs as a result of this virus, causing their financial situation to deteriorate. People will, however, use SafeCovid to play against covid-19 anxiety and earn incentives. SafeCovid is a playful and entertaining gaming app that encourages users to play mini-games, win prizes, and get a small portion of the purchase donated to the Unicef organization.

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