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The Non-Fungible-Token, or NFT, is a revolutionary concept that allows the power of creativity and other intriguing content to be shared on the Blockchain Network, resulting in the production of very distinctive new goods. NFT is built on blockchain technology, which is a novel technology that provides a transparent system based on a public distributed ledger. When compared to a centralized system, NFT introduces a unique value of the content by being stored on a public in order to ensure the authenticity of the item and eliminate various manipulations. Not only can it be used as a Collectible NFT concept, but it can also be paired with DeFi to create a unique new current economic trend that produces various things such as games that everyone can play and One of the ecosystems that offers a revolutionary NFT & DeFi Combination is Pea Farm, which combines numerous components in one system and produces new Blockchain-based Games.

What is Pea Farm?

The Pea Farm team developed a new ecosystem that introduces the new DeFI & NFT Combination Protocol, which is built on a sophisticated framework structure with Algorithm integration, allowing various processes to be automated through the use of Smart Contracts, resulting in a more flexible Flow economy. The Pea Farm ecosystem has numerous outstanding features, such as Games, which allow anybody to participate and earn rewards, Auction, which is a Blockchain-based marketplace system where anyone can swap assets with other users, and Staking, which integrates PoS (Proof-Of-Stake) consensus. In addition to the Seamless Trade method, which allows anybody to trade Pea Farm Native tokens for a number of other major cryptocurrencies, new revenue streams for holders and users will be offered. The Pea Farm team creates an environment that values its users’ activities and contributions, ensuring a community-run ecosystem.

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