is a one-of-a-kind platform for KCC-based initiatives. empowers you to take control of your money by investing in high-quality projects featured on the platform. The site only lists confirmed and profitable projects. Padd Labs seeks for emerging KCC-based products to incubate and help achieve momentum internationally.

After receiving the KCC grant, the team at is happy to announce the debut of their Presale-X platform, a pre-IDO as a service platform for the Kucoin community Chain. will validate its Pre-IDO on the Presale-X ecosystem, according to the team.

$PAD Token Use Case :

Its collaboration with NFTs Realm enables Padd token holders to mint, purchase, and trade NFTs.

Token holders can use their tokens to secure a spot for any project listed on the Launchpad. Token holders can also earn by swapping or trading their tokens. And there’s more. The token ensures staking, allowing token holders to earn additional $PAD.

About Presale-X :

This technology also guarantees that all projects are thoroughly reviewed before being published on the site. Presale-X also has the following distinguishing features :

  • Presale-X supports both USDT and KCS in order to make payments as simple as possible for users. $PAD will be introduced to the payment mechanism in the future.
  • Anti-Rug: One of Presale-aims X’s is to reduce the amount of rug projects on the KCC ecosystem.

About : is a project that is entirely supported by the community.’s staff feels that the project’s strength is dependent on its community; as a result, team members are doing everything they can to give back to the community.

Holders of tokens have the ability to vote and be voted for. Token holders can suggest a project for the community to invest in. Every token holder, in reality, is a decision maker.’s business model is supported and managed by a team of trained and experienced blockchain and fintech specialists.


Roadmap :

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