OwlDAO is the leading provider of Web 3.0 iGaming solutions.

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Online 3.0 is the third-generation Internet for websites and apps, focusing on machine intelligence to give consumers with a data-driven and semantic web. It is based on artificial intelligence, decentralized data networks, and Edge Computing, with the goal of producing a reliable, unofficial, and open-source online. Despite the fact that Web 3.0 has not yet been completely deployed, the technologies involved are being used and have an impact on industries. The Internet of Things and wireless network technology are transforming the globe. However, in the gaming sector, Virtual Reality and Blockchain are successful Web 3.0 technologies. Casinos, for example, which are among the most popular gambling sites, may be supplanted by Metaverse in the near future. Startups have already taken shape and generated outstanding user experiences and money, and it is difficult to believe that the gaming business has entered a whole new age. The most prominent web 3.0 crypto casino solution is OwlDAO.

What is Owl DAO ?

OwlDAO is a crypto casino solution for the web 3.0. OwlDAO, backed by Owl Games, is a major Ethereum-based gambling solutions provider. OwlDAO supports Owl Games by facilitating continual cooperation and expansion, which accelerates community growth and, as a result, boosts casino income. OwlDAO wants to innovate classic crypto casinos in order to combine them with the new DEFI world, such as casino income + auto-liquidity and perpetual buybacks from static awards.

Why OwlDAO ?

OwlDAO connects conventional casinos throughout the world into the Web 3.0 realm. Not only that, but it also assists other crypto projects in developing their own unique casinos in the DeFi realm, delivering rapid payments and anonymity to crypto users.

OwlDAO Ecosystem and all Owl casinos provide dividends to $ OWL holders. Games, the company’s main casino, donates a part of its profits to OwlDAO. As a result, the value of that OWL token rises.

Key Features of OwlDAO :

  • Users may sign in and play using Metamask, Wallet Connect, and other wallets.
  • Multiple Chain Supported — We support all EVM compatible networks and are already operational on ETH, BSC, Polygon, FANTOM, OEC, and HECO.
  • Renowned Game Providers — Offers over 3000 games from reputable game providers such as Evolution, Microgaming, and Pragmatic Play.
  • Fairness — Because they do not construct the games themselves, the games’ fairness is ensured. Evolution Gaming, for example, is a publicly traded corporation (EVO), and their most popular game is LIVE casinos, in which dealers mix and deal cards in real time in front of cameras.
  • Users who purchase $10 in $OWL tokens will receive $50 in Owl. All of their favorite games may be played.
  • Furthermore, one may use their $OWL Token to play at Owl. Games and receive unique prizes and bonuses.

$OWL Token :

The $OWL token issued by OwlDAO is a sort of governance token that may be found on Polygon and BSC Networks. The $OWL token is an essential component of the $OWL community. To grow the $OWL token ecosystem, the team pledges 0.2 %, Total Volume into $OWL. There are 5,000,000,000 OWL coins in the token supply.

Partnering with OwlDAO :

It is now necessary to guarantee that your initiative has adequate funding, professional development, and community support. OwlDAO is a platform for decentralized governance founded on the blockchain’s promise.
OwlDAO serves as a lighthouse for blockchain initiatives aiming to accomplish more than just produce a token or a concept, with the top projects receiving money, community support, marketing, and development resources. OwlDAO is one of the few true DAOs in existence today, having been built on the Ethereum network.

OwlDAO may be used by anybody looking for an Ethereum-based token system that is both transparent and safe, as it was created with this in mind. You may generate, manage, and trade your own ERC-20 and BEP20 coins. People from all around the world collaborate to build the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), a self-regulatory and decentralized organization.
OwlDAO has built a decentralized and autonomous network of smart contacts to serve as an on-ramp for dApps and crypto-fiat swaps. OwlDao, which offers a membership and stake-rewards platform, is open to DApps, start-ups, and initiatives.

Summary :

The team of owlDao is similar to that of many other blockchain efforts, but their focus on online casinos and online gambling sets them different. There has been no type of security in place for as long as internet casinos have existed. Over the years, a variety of legal aspects have been introduced (for better or worse). Owldao intends to build a player identity system, a risk mitigation mechanism, and a cryptocurrency payment processing gateway using smart contracts.

OwlDAO’s aim is to better the lives of independent casinos and tokenholders.
Owldao.io was created to be open-source, fair, and democratic in order to provide a more transparent and safe gaming experience. It integrates a number of innovative cutting-edge technology to improve casino gaming for all parties involved.

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More Info :

Website — https://owldao.io/
Telegram — https://t.me/owlDAO
Twitter — https://twitter.com/OWLDAOio
Bounty Campaign — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5378280.0
ANN Bitcointalk — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5378280.0


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