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Cryptocurrency was first described as a payment system that enables people to conduct transactions quickly, securely, and anonymously without the involvement of third parties. Bitcoin’s founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, made it possible for Bitcoin to defeat a bureaucratic financial structure that is vulnerable to fraud and dominated by a single entity. A variety of alternative investing strategies have evolved as a result of the growth and advancement of the Crypto or blockchain ecosystem, and have proved to be more effective and attractive investment vehicles than conventional financial returns. Innovative ventures with high return investments and a consistent pattern emerge in the crypto sector on a regular basis, such as Citizen Finance, which would draw major market investments. What is the reason for this? since this project seeks to develop a safe and decentralized operating model, as well as a recent breakthrough NFT project.

About Citizen Finance..

You should also be aware that, apart from defi, the NFT project is already a recent investment theme. For its investors, this initiative proposes an income redistribution. After reviewing the project, I believe it is worthwhile to invest in it in the future. In the one hand, Citizen Finance has a number of real-world and straightforward in-game asset use cases. There are a number of other special features, which are mentioned below.

  1. Play — To play the Meta City FPS game, use in-game assets.
  2. Trade — In the secondary market, you can trade your in-game money for other cryptocurrencies.
  3. Bet — To win CIPHI, bet your unused in-game properties on a decentralized draw.
  4. Collateral — To borrow money from the lending protocol, use your in-game properties as collateral.

You should be aware that property rights are often referred to as civil rights, and that every person has the right to own property acquired with his or her own money. Real estate, automobiles, and, in our case, fictional properties such as in-game inventory, are examples of properties. In this situation, citizen Finance is one of the programs that is entirely organized and managed by the consumers who are involved.

The lack of proprietary rights over in-game content is still one of the most prominent topics in the conventional video game industry today. And if they bought them with in-game money, which was bought with fiat currency, players are not the true owners of their in-game properties. The game’s utility is determined by what they can do with minimal resources. Players lack sufficient leverage of their investments, are unable to generate revenue from them, and are unable to dispose of them.

As a result, I would conclude that while Blockchain Technology has allowed some games to enforce true ownership of in-game properties, the usefulness of this emerging innovation is still limited and has had no significant effect on the industry. Citizen Finance will use blockchain technologies to implement new ideas and utilities for in-game properties in a straightforward way. The participation of the Citizen Finance initiative has the potential to turn anything into something amazing. In the future, this initiative would be lucrative to invest in. So, what do you have to lose? Opportunities are on the horizon. Become the first to participate in this incredible project.

Important information about NFT’s Citizen Finance Coin
Symbol: CIFI
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Decimal: 18
Type: Utilities and Governance
Supply: 500,000

Mining (88%): 370,000
Presale (10): 50,000
Liquidity (1%): 25,000
Team (10%): 50,000
Airdrop & Bounty (1%): 5000

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