NFTanks is a new Play-to-Earn (P2e) NFT game.

If we talk about the NFT protocol, there is no end. There will be a lot to talk about with this protocol, especially now that it has been embraced by so many platforms throughout the world. Adopting the NFT protocol enables the platform to create a more inventive and profitable game platform for players. The NFT protocol enables platform developers to create things in the form of NFT tokens that may be exchanged and held in the user’s wallet. This method makes it easier for gamers to exchange stuff and is also more safe.

Experts believe that the NFT protocol will be used by many platforms throughout the world in the future, especially because it is highly versatile and may be deployed according to the developer’s requirements. NFTanks was founded in response to this possibility, with the goal of becoming an engaged and successful game platform for its members. NFTanks features a collection of 3333 distinct Dogetankers that users may collect. This NFT token can then be used by users to play in games on the site and get cryptocurrencies and NFT tokens as a reward.

NFT Game :

The NFT-based gaming platform enables players to participate in a more inventive, secure, and profitable game environment. Users may not only play and earn rewards from their actions on an NFT-based game platform, but they can also optimize their revenue through other accessible services such as staking/farming programs or the NFT marketplace. As a result, NFTanks are interested in being able to participate in creating a platform where users can receive a collection of 3333 unique Dogetankers as well as a New Play to Earn (P2E) NFT game where they can earn bitcoin as well as NFT tokens for their involvement. Users in NFTanks may play in numerous games such as PvE, PvP, or team fights, and after they complete the match, they will get awards based on their activity.

And, in order for the NFTanks ecosystem to be beneficial for all of its members, NFTanks intends to transfer 5% of tokens back to unique NFT collection holders. NFTanks can encourage consumers to continue using NFTanks in this manner.


NFTanks Features :

NFTanks is an NFT-based game platform in which users may engage and earn. NFTanks’ features allow players to participate in a game with multiple interactive modes, allowing them to fight 1 versus 1 or team fights. But that’s not all; NFTanks also has the following features :

  • Farming and Staking Utilities : In addition to playing the game, players may make passive revenue by participating in farming and staking programs.
  • NFT Marketplace : The NFT marketplace allows users to easily purchase and trade NFT tokens with other users. This is a marketplace that will improve the security and speed of user transactions.
  • NFTanks will disperse 5% of tokens to unique NFT token holders to encourage users to continue utilizing the platform.

Tokenomics :

The NFTanks platform makes it easier for users to get native tokens for a variety of reasons. These currencies, known as the NTS token, are NFTanks’ only native tokens and will be used for payments, staking, and incentives for users. Because this token is built on the Binance BEP-20, users may utilize it both on and off the platform. This is a token that will be used to fund the future operation and development of NFTanks.

NFTanks Roadmap :

Partners :

NFTanks receives assistance from a number of partners in the development of the platform, which helps NFTanks developers and operations function more smoothly. Platforms that accept NFTanks currently and in the future include Every game, PlayEarn, DappRadar, PlayToEarn Daily,, and GameZero LLC. It is believed that NFTanks, with their reputation and experience in the crypto sector, would become a successful platform in the future, particularly in delivering an NFT-based game and marketplace.

To conclude :

By using the NFT protocol, the gaming platform is able to give more interesting and profitable games to participants. Players may engage and play more profitably with this solution, and they can also participate in staking and farming platforms, which enable users to optimize their revenue. And NFTanks is here to help as an NFT-based gaming platform that enables players to play and earn more creatively and quickly. NFTanks has a collection of 3333 distinct Dogetankers that players can acquire and utilize to play games and earn prizes for their efforts. Not only that, but users may also join in the staking and farming programs to enhance their earnings. NFTanks aspires to be an interactive and successful game platform for participants all over the world.

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.