Mulierum is a Blockchain-based Social Media Payment Platform.

Blockchain is the protocol that is being utilized for cryptocurrency. The use of blockchain allows cryptocurrency transactions to be handled more securely, swiftly, and without manipulation. Blockchain operates by adding notes to a ledger such that later on, none of these records can be changed. As a result, blockchain is an excellent technology for worldwide alternative payment systems.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is being deployed on a variety of platforms all around the world. Mulierum, understanding this potential, will become a decentralized and autonomous platform focused on assisting social media networks in processing payments using smart contracts. Mulierum provides users with a platform that enables them to accept payments with the lowest prices and maximum security. As a result, social media sites throughout the world will be able to more quickly implement blockchain-based payment systems on their platforms.

Payment Platform Based on Blockchain :

Today, several platforms throughout the world employ blockchain technology for payment systems on their sites. By incorporating a blockchain-based payment system into their platform, they are able to process payments more rapidly, securely, and with less costs. Blockchain technology enables users to make payments from anywhere in the globe more simply and anonymously. Blockchain also prevents any third party from interfering with user transactions, which is a benefit of blockchain technology. As a result of this, Mulierum aspires to create a blockchain-based payment network focusing on worldwide social media platforms. Mulierum will make it easier for social media platforms to receive payments by utilizing smart contracts that have minimal costs and great security. Mulierum will assist social media networks in the development of a more innovative and modern payment mechanism for its users.

Mulierum not only assists social media platforms, but also content producers, because most content creators currently complain that it is difficult to get payments from the social platforms they use, and that if they do receive payments, they are charged exorbitant costs. And Muliarum intends to be able to overcome such difficulties.


Payment processing for social media networks is now dominated by banks and other fintech organizations. The participation of these enterprises improves overseas commerce and contributes to the overall growth of the global economy.

They are, however, confronted with long-standing issues such as a lack of transparency, high transaction costs, and a lack of standardizing processes. Blockchain is a transparent, frictionless technology that is gaining popularity in a variety of areas, including healthcare, manufacturing, and finance.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto in a 2008 article explaining the fundamental ideas that built Bitcoin — the first peer-to-peer (P2P) digital currency. Bitcoin, as a digital money system, logs every transaction to an open digital ledger that any user may change.

Bitcoin, unlike traditional fiat currencies, does not rely on trusted middlemen such as banks or government agencies. To overcome the problem of double spending, Nakamoto created Blockchain as a distinct module outside of the Bitcoin standard. This is a long-standing issue that has prevented several digital currencies from being realized in the past.

Mulierum Features :

Mulierum is a payment network that will assist worldwide social media platforms in developing more creative and modern payment systems. Mulierum’s features enable users to conduct transactions with fewer costs and more security. Mulierum’s solution also enables the development of a more transparent and uniform payment system. But that’s not all; Muliarum has numerous additional characteristics as well :

  • Mulierum provides a digital wallet that customers may download to their devices for free to make it easier to keep their digital assets. Users can later utilize this wallet to store and manage their digital assets.
  • Exchange Service : In order to facilitate the exchange of users, Mulierum offers trade services that allow users to exchange more swiftly and conveniently.
  • Mulierum is a worldwide network with a strong token management mechanism.
  • Mulierum is a platform created to be safe and secure for users, so they don’t have to worry about their security or privacy.
  • Mulierum is developed with an encrypted and private system that protects all data and user privacy.
  • KYC Verification : Mulierum will use an identity verification method, also known as KYC. This is done to prevent fraud and other nefarious activities.


Muliarum believes that Blockchain-enabled money transfer solutions have a bright future. Because social media users have access to the global economy, the payment system becomes completely functioning when powered by Blockchain, and all money becomes digital.

With tokenization as a major driving factor in the crypto industry, we see a future in which crypto assets are easily accessible and used internationally.

Tokenomics :

Mulierum’s infrastructure makes it simple for users to obtain native tokens. These coins, known as the DIVA token, are Mulierum’s method of expanding the network and facilitating user transactions. The DIVA coin will provide consumers the lowest transfer costs in the world, as well as the possibility to buy these tokens at low rates and sell them at high prices. It is a utility coin that will power the Muliarum platform in the future.

To conclude :

Many individuals nowadays utilize social media sites to interact as well as earn money. Typically, content providers get compensated for the material they create. However, as is widely known, most social media networks lack a current payment mechanism, making it difficult for users at times. Mulierum is a blockchain-based payment network that will serve social media sites all over the world. Mulierum makes it simpler for social media platforms to execute payments using a smart-contract mechanism, resulting in more secure and low-fee transactions on their platform. Mulierum’s existence of a blockchain-based payment system allows social media platforms throughout the world to construct a more innovative and modern payment system for its users, which is Mulierum’s future aim.

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