Introduction :

Auto-Compounding Dapp :

Features of Move2Earn Ecosystem :

  • Sustainable Fixed APY : Move2Earn provides the highest APY of 404202 percent. It gives customers preset incentives and allows them to raise their assets every 3 seconds.
  • Trust Fund (TF) supported Ecosystem : The RCF wallet helps to preserve the staking incentives that were given by positive rebase, with taxes of 4% on purchases and 4% on sales being sent to the Trust Fund (TF).
  • Burning Mechanism : In order to sustain ecosystem benefits, the Move2Earn protocol burns 2% of all purchase and sell transactions. This approach is being proposed in order to keep the ecosystem token supply under control.
  • Play2Earn: Play2Earn allows platform users to play games and earn money indefinitely. Users’ earnings will be determined by their level of gaming dexterity. Users will be able to pay for a series of games in order to gain tokens.
  • Move To EARN: This is another intriguing platform feature that will allow App users to earn prizes as they move. This functionality will be available on the platform soon. It will create a fitness app that will allow users who exercise or participate in other fitness activities to win prizes for their efforts.

Tokenomics :

Roadmap :

Conclusion :

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