MocktailSwap is the first ERC 1155 Standard Platform on Blockchain.

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MocktailSwap is Binance Smart Chain’s decentralized swap solution. We provide a platform for the development of a completely safe and quick decentralized token exchange system. MocktailSwap Pools allows you to offer liquidity by putting your tokens in a liquidity pool, often known as a “LP.”

A liquidity provider (LP) contributes money to the liquidity pool. A Liquid Pool may be thought of as a vast pool of money that may be swapped among traders. LP receives a fee on the transactions that occur in their pool in exchange for providing liquidity for the logs. In the instance of Uniswap, LP deposits the equivalent of two tokens, for as 50% ETH and 50% DAI, in the ETH / DAI pool.

Are you hoping that everyone will become a market maker? Is this correct? It is really simple to add funds to the liquidity pool. The protocol determines prices. For example, Uniswap v2 charges a 0.3 percent cost for traders who start LP immediately. Other platforms or forks may demand lower fees in order to get additional liquidity providers to join their pool.

What is the significance of attracting liquidity? Because of how AMM operates, the less liquidity in the pool, the less slippage that can lead to huge orders. This, in turn, can draw more traffic to the platform, and so on.

Slip difficulties differ based on the AMM design, but they must be considered. Keep in mind that prices are set by an algorithm. It is simple to predict how the percentage of tokens in the liquid pool will vary following the transaction. A big slip happens when the ratio changes owing to a substantial discrepancy.

Assume you wish to purchase all of the ETH in the ETH / DAI pool from Uniswap. You just cannot! You’ll have to pay exponentially greater premiums for each extra ether, but you’ll never be able to purchase the full batch. Why is this so? This is due to the equation x * y = k. The equation is no longer valid if x or y is 0, indicating that there is no ETH or DAI in the collection.

However, it is not the entire tale of AMM and the liquidity pool. Another factor to consider while giving liquidity to AMM is variable losses.

MocktailSwap’s Liquidity Pool and Adding Liquidity :

When you add your tokens to the liquidity pool (LP), you will be rewarded with FLIP tokens (MocktailSwap’s equivalent of liquidity provider tokens).

If you deposit $ MOK and $ BNB in liquidity, for example, you will obtain FLIP MOK-BNB tokens.

Your part of the MOK-BNB liquidity pool is represented by the quantity of FLIP tokens you got. You may also redeem your money by removing your liquidity at any moment.

Liquidity provision is not without danger, since you may incur lasting losses. Simply explained, volatile losses are the cost of keeping tokens in AMM vs holding them in your wallet. Nate Hindman’s formal name is Nate Hindman.

It’s not all bad news for liquidity providers, because you are paid in the form of trading fees. When a trader uses MocktailSwap, they pay a 0.2 % charge, of which 0.17 % is added to the liquidity pool of the swap pairs they traded.

MOK Token :

• There are 10 FLIP tokens representing 10 MOK and 10 BNB tokens.

• 1 FLIP token = 1 MOK + 1 BNB

• Someone swaps 10 MOK for 10 BNB.

• The other person exchanges 10 BNB for 10 MOK.

• MOK / BNB liquidity pool now includes 10,017 MOK and 10,017 BNB.

  • Each FLIP token now costs 1,00017 MOK + 1,00017 BNB.

You may make your FLIP tokens more valuable as a liquidity provider by enhancing profitability on the MOK farm while earning 0.17 percent of the trading cost.

The capacity to sell or acquire an item without having a significant influence on the market price is referred to as liquidity. It also has something to do with how simple it is to convert assets into fiat currency. Assets or assets that are difficult to convert into cash are not liquid, but those that may be converted promptly are. MoctailSwap also supports trades using liquidity pools.

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