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Hello My Friends ’ Before I go any further into the following idea, I think I should first clarify what a non-fungible token is (NFT). NFT is a form of blockchain cryptographic token that symbolizes a one-of-a-kind item. These might be entirely digital assets or tokenized representations of physical assets. Because NFTs are not interchangeable, this characteristic may be used to prove authenticity and ownership in the digital environment. NFTs are so popular in the gaming business that they can be utilized as digital assets, which is excellent for their function in combating identity theft and enticing more conventional collectors to join the digital asset sector, which is an example of what NFTs can achieve in the real world.

Furthermore, NFTs have the virtue of being transferrable while still retaining their validity (it is hard to generate duplicates), as well as the capacity to create definitive records of the NFT owners’ ownership rights. In essence, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a sort of cryptocurrency token that is backed by an asset. They are incompatible with one another and cannot be shared. It may be utilized in games as well as cryptocurrency collecting. That concludes our discussion on NFT tokens. In this excellent occasion, I will also inform you about the crypto project Standard Semi-Fungible Token (SFT), which is the world’s first ERC 1155 on the Binance Smart Chain.

Right, I’ll call this project,


MOCKTAIL, a protocol-based network Binance Smart Chain, offers various benefits, including quick and safe transactions, and has a quality that can be swapped or traded. Mocktail, as a token with numerous functionalities and a presence on the BSC network, offers a variety of benefits to each user, including loans, agricultural goods, staking, liquidity, and exchange. Mocktail, as ERC 1155, is a Semi-Fungible Token (SFT) with several functionalities, one of which is to handle contracts for token production. The resultant contracts can produce marketable or non-tradable tokens.

Why Choose Mocktail?

Features Of Mocktails :

  • Liquidity : Certain statistics are used to describe the company’s high degree of operational operations. Quick ratios, current ratios, and cash ratios are all terms used to represent liquidity figures. When utilizing liquidity to measure corporate success, the greater the value, the better the performance. The reason for this is because when a firm has a high degree of liquidity, it has a greater chance of receiving support from a variety of sources. So, in essence, Mocktail will be able to pay for all transactions done by each user using the liquidity it holds based on the transactions done.
  • Agriculture : Yield farming is the activity of holding and lending crypto assets in order to create incentives for asset ownership. The introduction of yield farming attempts to address some of the major issues that are currently affecting the crypto asset trading industry. This strategy is quite advantageous since, instead of conserving money, you merely receive a modest interest payment. This technique provides appealing alternatives with higher passive income in the form of crypto assets. This technique is based on the DeFi service, which is decentralized and open to anybody. This means that anyone may use this method to earn passive income by lending their crypto assets. As a result, this technique has the potential to make traditional methods such as asset HODLing more profitable.
  • Staking : Staking is the act of locking bitcoins in order to obtain rewards at a time determined by the platform owner. For example, if the staking program has a one-month term, we should not collect the reward before the time period expires. Staking is an alternate mining method that does not deplete resources excessively. To maintain the security and function of the blockchain network, monies must be stored in crypto wallets.

Why Should You Use MocktailSwap?

Traders and Mocktails share the same purpose, which is to arrange a deal that benefits both sides ( trader and platform owner )

How To Get Mocktail ( MOK ) Tokens?

You can participate in the IMO sales on:
15 APR 2021 17:00 UTC
Ending Time: 18 APR, 2021 17:00 UTC
Min. Investment: 0.01 BNB
Max. Investment: 100 BNB.

What Do You Need To Prepare To Get MOK Tokens ?

  • Prepare your BSC wallet, such as Metamask or Trust Wallet.
  • Check the balance in the Wallet you use to make purchases.
  • The minimum purchase is 0.01 BNB, and the maximum buy is 100 BNB.
  • You can make purchases right up until the end of the discount event.
  • You have a lot of luck and prosperity ahead of you.

Token Distributions :

RoadMaps :

Mocktail, being a platform that runs on the BSC network, is the best option for us to carry out all trade operations. Mocktail can handle transactions that are quick, secure, and immediate in addition to charging modest fees.

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