MLIKI | Hybrid Blockchain Marketplace.

Non-Fungible Token, or NFT, is a new innovation that can transform any physical form that exists in the real world into the digital form where it’ll also be distributed on the decentralized blockchain network, NFT It’s different from any form, unlike traditional physical asset systems, NFT providing a unique form that is resistant to duplication and tampering, creating a robbery, creating a robust system where cryptography forms a digital asset designed only by the original creator. Blockchain technology allows for publicly auditable Distributed Ledgers, resulting in a more transparent and efficient system. Furthermore, NFT can be integrated with the cryptocurrency network, where their team will create a new decentralized economy to facilitate peer-to-peer transaction processes without the need for any centralized entity such as the government or others, and all of these processes can be run automatically through the Smart-Contracts protocol, ensuring lower fees and greater transaction flexibility. MLIKI, one of the most anticipated Blockchain-based ecosystems today, will provide a unique hybrid marketplace by merging NFT with the traditional market.

What exactly is the MLIKI Ecosystem ?

MLIKI This ecosystem is meant to become a new seamless bridge for the traditional and NFT markets to meet, where everyone on the network may engage quickly and smoothly through the new marketplace mechanism. The MLIKI team was supporting a new digital transformation of a digital environment, banking, and other sectors where it would become the future of the marketeplace ecosystem by giving everyone with a place to access a broader parallel universe with the conventional and nft market combination. The MLIKI team, which designed the marketplace ecosystem, wishes to combine the traditional market system with blockchain technology by creating a new robust decentralized ecosystem combined with the NFT with greater scalability, which will also allow all users on the ecosystem to exchange digital collections on the NFT marketplace while simultaneously providing access to a broader range of physical and traditional goods. Their team will also offer various features on the ecosystem, which will be possible through blockchain technology and will also ensure the uniqueness of every NFT in the ecosystem, their team will ensure authentic digital identification that can be seen by everyone on the blockchain network, MLIKI ecosystem will also provide every use on the ecosystem with a new and more innovative hybrid-mechanism with tons of benefits such as cashback, discount, governance, staking, and so on.

The MLIKI team is developing a new marketplace infrastructure that will disrupt the digital market by introducing a new and more sophisticated framework. It will use blockchain technology with seamless implementation to create a powerful system that will ensure a seamless process by providing a new trade system for its users. MLIKI team will offer new concept by combining NFT where it will offer various virtual solution implemented with the unique system. Furthermore, their ecosystem will offer new NFT mechanism where their team will also combine it with the various features on the system, where it will also offer sophisticated NFT marketplace combined with the traditional mechanism, providing tons of new features like trade to earn, virtual shopping, affiliate program and more and everyone can participate. MLIKI itself was also offering new digital economic mechanisms, enabling the development of decentralized marketplaces in many areas.

What exactly is MLIKI Token ?

MLIKI Token is a new digitalization native-currency instrument that will be utilized in the MLIKI Marketplace ecosystem via the tokenization technique. MLIKI Token provides a faster, safer, and cheaper transaction tool with cross-chain compatibility based on the blockchain network; their team will also ensure more easier and efficient implementation of EVM structure through the implementation on the dApps through the blockchain public network where every user can access it on every device; and their token will also provide a new tokenomics concept with a lucrative scheme where everyone can easily access it. Furthermore, they will ensure healthy tokenomics using unique schemes that will allow all holders to obtain information on every crypto transaction on the Public Blockchain network , It will also provide different benefits in the future, such as discounts, cashback, staking, and more, with a long-term planning approach to ensure maximum potential by integrating it with diverse, particularly NFT and other conventional commodities.

Roadmap :

Conclusion :

MLIKI marpletaceecosystem will be distributed on the public blockchain network and it was a new unique innovation where their team will combine traditional forms of financing services with the Cryptocurrency through Hybrid-Marketplace mechanism, MLIKI team designing a multi-functional platform where it allows every users to easily access decentralized finance services at lower fees and faster time, MLIKI ecosystem will also ensure that it is available to everyone, and their team will introduce a new idea that combines a novel decentralized finance approach with lower risk and maximizing potential using smart contract algorithms on diverse sectors with maximum scalability at cheap cost. The MLIKI team is also developing a unique Web3 interface where their team will ensure EVM compatibility on their network, making it easier to access without having to go through any centralized entity. Furthermore, it is changing how to effectively access decentralized finance services through cryptocurrency and hybrid marketplace. MLIKI is a really promising project with an unusual concept, and I sincerely hope you will be a part of it.

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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