MetaKillers is the world’s first action battle play-to-earn (P2E) game built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

MetaKiller Platform Information :

MataKiller is one of the most popular games on Metaverse GameFi. MataKiller is a battle-based action RPG. The entire game setting focuses around a band of inmates who put their talents to the test in very deadly battle pits. The more Fighters defeat their opponents, the higher their level rises; the more they defeat monsters in the pits, the higher their level rises. These levels come with increased duties and less benefits. There are four sorts of battle chests in the MataKiller Gaming setup :

  • Red and Green Chests: These are intermediate fight chests with some useful battle items such as Combats, armor, extra lives, and $Kill tokens.

How does MetaKillers function?

As previously said, MataKillers provides a free-to-play option in which users may explore and conquer opponents with other gamers. The game encourages users to battle to gain as many coins as possible, which allows them to spend the money on weapon acquisition, gear, and upgrading to special Island Games.

Features of Metakillers :

  • Ownership of digital assets : The network provides legal ownership of all in-game assets obtained by users. MK protects all copyrights by utilizing the BEP-20 token infrastructure. NFTs can be employed both on and off-chain. Because the game has more than one gaming zone, digital assets come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Marketplace — The MK network has its own significant marketplace that connects to big independent markets on other blockchains. As a result, our users/players may quickly discover gaming equipment on all blockchains. MK digitals’ compatibility with other servers raises the value of your digital asset. After its major reveal, the MK marketplace will be an all-around market, since it will be functioning on both the On-chain and Off-chain.
  • Game income model — The MetaKillers game is a play-to-earn game that allows users to earn money by performing well in the game. The gameplay is entirely dependent on rewards. Each combat in the game has a monetary influence on the fighters’ worth. Aside from the influence on the combatants’ worth, the winner also owns all of the money that was pre-booked before to the bout. The counterparty eventually loses all of their money on the bet.

Gaming Modes :

  • PvP arena fighting : The arena is a player-versus-player battleground. The venue has the least antagonistic environment. Gamers can compete against other online players here. Fighter matchups can be produced purely at random, or players can challenge their opponents.
  • AI wasteland battlefield mode : The AI mode is a player against computer mode. Battlefield gamers compete against the computer in the wasteland. Each player has the option of determining the game’s difficulty level.
  • War zone MMP : A war zone is a battleground for massively multiplayer battles. The battle zone is just for gang fighting to determine who will be the top gang around the table. This battlefield can hold up to 14 warriors at once.
  • The Island game is an interesting PVE model in which players will face Ai-designed difficulties on the Island, ranging from survival to battle to land development; the game centered around the character. To join the Islands, gamers must have a particular quantity of $KILL in their game wallet.

KILL Tokens :

MK’s utility token is $KILL. The token is a cryptocurrency on the BSC network that may be used for a variety of purposes. First and foremost, it may be used to support transactions. Second, on the BSC network, it may be traded for other cryptocurrencies. Third, because of its self-deflationary features, $KILL may be retained as a value appreciating asset. Finally, it can be staked to generate passive income.

Roadmap :

Conclusion :

The gaming industry is huge yet problematic, built on one-sided models that limit consumer ownership and suffocate player-dependent economies. This is why MetaKillers were created. MK will keep its gamers by allowing them to own, use, and monetize in-game assets. Interoperability and mobility MK intends to bring additional networks on board so that users may simply move assets from one network to another. This characteristic will improve asset utility. User acquisition is extremely competitive. By streamlining the game model, MetaKillers hopes to enhance user acquisition. Support the explanation of decreasing game acquisition expenses by 30% and gaining a cost-competitive edge.

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