Metacoms | A Blockchain-Based Metaverse Ecosystem for All

What Is Metacoms ?

Key Features of Metacoms :

  • Metaverse 3D : Metaverse is the next online term. Furthermore, it will become a new standard in the near future. Users may enjoy the platform’s bar, join any room they require, or simply establish their own; a conference room, a shop, a living room, and so on. Users will soon be able to transition from 2D to 3D Metaverse. It makes conversation between coworkers and partners not only practical but also enjoyable.
  • VR Engines from Third Parties : Users may start whatever data they wish to share with their colleagues, students, business partners, and so on in the newly established room. Make a Cafe Room, for example, and invite their friends to watch a game of their choice: UEFA Champions League, Euro League, or Formula 1. Users may share their artwork with anybody they choose, or use a 3D webinar to show their peers how their firm performed last year.
  • P2P crypto transfers: A new method for sending tokens to another user has been enabled and is now operational. Users no longer have to send their tokens in the dark, but instead utilize a Metacoms room to communicate with another user while sending the tokens. Users may ensure that the proper person receives their tokens by simultaneously pressing the transfer button and conducting a video call.
  • NFT Platform: The future of art, gaming, and many other sectors is NFTs on the blockchain, which is soon to join the most secure network — blockchain. For importing NFTs into 3D rooms, Metacoms will be accessible. Users may also move their NFT art gallery into their own 3D space. It is simple to build and mine in NFT. On MetaPlace, you may use it or sell it. Purchase Metacoms system NFTs to increase functionality and generate passive or active income.
  • Secured blockchain : Because it is a decentralized system that does not keep even the information of call records, the Metacoms platform provides a secure environment. As a result, it effectively resolves the problem of data leaks. Metacoms communicate in a secure manner that cannot be hacked. It is accomplished by shifting text conversation to the blockchain and using the blockchain to secure video and audio broadcasts.

Advanced Metaverse Network :

METAC Token :

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