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Crypto and blockchain are two buzzwords these days, especially following the 2017 bitcoin frenzy, which is seen as a new wave of innovation related to the internet of money. Luscuscat is a new type of blockchain-based cryptocurrency meme project that intends to create a decentralized community ecosystem by offering a variety of perks and uses via this fresh new coin. Luscuscat is a new type of blockchain-based cryptocurrency meme project that offers a new community-based concept. This cryptocurrency is referred to as blockchain technology, which is a technology that introduced a distributed database or distributed ledger that allows everyone to transact without any borders seamlessly.

What exactly is Luscuscat ?

Luscuscat is a new decentralized finance ecosystem based on blockchain technology and introducing a new meme-based concept integrated with the community focused network. Their Ecosystem will carry a protocol with a fork similar to a code function called swap, burn, and liquify that will be implemented as a reward system where every transaction will be cut and sent to the public pool and then distributed to Luscuscat community holders, This model will ensure the preservation of value and a loyalty system, while also increasing demand through the use of the ecosystem itself. The Luscuscat Protocol is more than just an ordinary DeFi Ecosystem; their team will ensure long-term business planning by maintaining the value of the platform with community focused currency through the meme and its more appealing features. If you want to learn more about the Luscuscat Protocol, you can read more about their ecosystem here:

Unique Algorithm :

The Luscuscat Protocol is being created to create an environment that promotes a better flow with multiple rewards systems while also ensuring stability and growth. Luscuscat will develop a one-of-a-kind system that will reward everyone in the community. Every holder of their coin will receive rewards from all network transactions fees, which are taken from a 2% tax that will be distributed among holders based on their holdings, and there will also be a liquidity pool where all this taxes will be held until it’s full, then automatically burned, so that there will always be enough for transactions with supply limited by demand. The Luscuscat Protocol will be the first blockchain protocol that incorporates parts of other protocols. It is developed from the ground up to deliver a more value-filled ecosystem that is centered on the community.

Roadmap :

Conclusion :

The Luscuscat Decentralized Finance Environment is one-of-a-kind, with the protocol they built providing several conveniences and benefits in a single DeFi ecosystem. DUI Protocol enables anybody to access the DeFi market without having to go through laborious formalities, thanks to an easy-to-use User Interface and the absence of the requirement to initially register. Luscuscat Protocol also provides a unique community-based Business Concept for everyone, in which Luscuscat will ensure platform development by utilizing a strong framework in which they ensure complete transparency as well as a strong security system in which every transaction processes in their ecosystem and is integrated with the community-backed ecosystem.

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