LunaLand | A Cryptocurrency Driven by the Community.

We are all aware that the World Bank has the capacity to print more money for its own benefit. International banks have the ability to control the global financial system due to their ability to govern currency circulation. As a result, bitcoin was established to address this issue, converting into a decentralized alternative financial system capable of addressing a wide range of difficulties posed by a centralized financial system. Cryptocurrency is the solution to today’s financial problems, and experts believe it will be the financial system of the future.

Because the centralized financial system is prone to manipulation, many platforms, such as LunaLand, a peer-to-peer digital money and value store, have emerged with unique alternatives. It is a cryptocurrency designed to overcome concerns such as inflation and unlimited money creation. LunaLand was built with a hyper-deflationary supply mechanism, and when the goal is met, some tokens will be burned.

What is LunaLand?

LunaLand is an innovative ecosystem that presents a Decentralized Financial System that implements the Peer-to-Peer Concept via a Public Network based on Blockchain Technology. Their ecosystem introduces a unique concept, the Deflationary Concept, which is applied on the native currency used in their environment to address inflation in various fiat currencies. Unlike the centralized financial system, which is based on a single entity such as a government or a bank, the LunaLand Ecosystem develops a new system that is completely decentralized and governed by the community, resulting in a new, more powerful system with user contributions. This eliminates several weaknesses in the centralized banking system, such as monopoly or manipulation, and its Ecosystem was already doing internal and external audits to ensure customer safety.

The LunaLand team designed the system with the Peer-To-Peer idea in mind, as well as an alternate option for a strong Store-Of-Value due to the public-run environment, which gives more confidence. Not only that, but they eliminate the Mint, which decreases inflation, as well as the Deflationary Concept, which is used in their native currency. Their team also implemented a number of exclusive features, such as the Store, which offers limited items that can only be purchased with native currency, the Store-Of-Value concept, which is entirely run by the community, the regular Airdrop Program for its contributors, and the Exclusive NFT Implementation for its contributors. The LunaLand Ecosystem is designed not only as a financial system, but also as an alternative to a good asset storage solution, thanks to the Community-Driven system that is transparent and based on Blockchain Technology.

LunaLand Features :

LunaLand is a deflationary coin designed to combat inflation and the infinite production of money. LunaLand, which is based on Binance Smart Chain technology, offers customers a rapid, secure, and low-cost cryptocurrency. This is why LunaLand is the ideal choice for international transactions. Not only that, but LunaLand offers a slew of other features:

  • Target Supply : LunaLand, unlike fiat currencies, has a finite supply with a goal amount of 400,000,000 coins and a deflationary token scheme.
  • Manual Burns : The objective of LunaLand is to burn 99.96 percent of the coins ranging from one trillion to 400 million. As a consequence, individuals may enter at reasonable prices.
  • Hyper-Deflation : The token’s value and velocity are enhanced through the Hyper-Deflation process.
  • Reward Holders : Holders will be compensated for the tokens they possess. The bigger their quantity of tokens, the better the award.
  • Encourages Trading: Users are encouraged to trade by the LunaLand mechanism, which returns 50% of earnings to liquidity pools while incurring no taxes.

What is LLN Token?

LLN will be the native currency in the LunaLand Ecosystem. This currency is based on Blockchain technology and is distributed via the Binance Smart Chain Public Network (BSC), which is compatible with the Smart-Contract (BEP-20) feature, which enables various transaction operations to be carried out automatically and safely. This is a critical component of the LunaLand Ecosystem since it serves as the principal transaction method for Staking, Paying Services, Discount Fee, Early Access, and a number of other Exclusive benefits. This token may also be exchanged or sent with other users directly, removing the need for intermediaries. Because it is operated by the community and the value is maintained through the Burn mechanism, LLN is a possible Store-Of-Value, with a portion of the revenues transferred to LLN holders.

LunaLand Details :

As previously said, LunaLand, abbreviated as LLN, is a cryptocurrency that was created to solve numerous problems and will serve as a utility token, which means that users may use LunaLand for a number of uses such as transactions, investments, or passive income production. The LunaLand currency is based on the Binance BEP-20 technology and has a total supply of one billion million LLN. Users can purchase LLN tokens via the LunaLand website.

Roadmap :

Conclusion :

The LunaLand Team has created a one-of-a-kind financial environment by introducing a new Cryptocurrency that is fully managed by the community, allowing everyone to contribute to the ecosystem and protect its value. They also offer a variety of one-of-a-kind benefits to their customers, which raises demand from time to time. They also provide a novel notion that holds a lot of potential in terms of Tokenomics. I personally advise you to become a member of LunaLand.

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