Lanuna Finance | Blockchain-Based DeFi & Earn-To-Play Ecosystem.

4 min readMay 21, 2022

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a key advancement in how digital products are generated and exchanged since blockchain technology can be used to any type of real goods or property. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, NFTs include information about their history and ownership, offering a more full picture of an object’s identity. This makes them an excellent substitute for actual items ranging from art to video game characters — and maybe much more! In contrast to existing physical asset systems, NFT will give a unique form that is resistant to duplicate and manipulation, resulting in cheaper fees and more transaction flexibility. Lanuna Finance, on the other hand, is a new ecosystem that combines NFT, Play-to-Earn, and DeFi in one location.

What Exactly Is Lanuna Finance ?

Lanuna Finance is a ground-breaking blockchain-based ecosystem. Lanuna Finance offers a one-of-a-kind Auto-Compounding protocol as well as an Auto-Staking mechanism for their customers to come and profit via their principles by utilizing smart-contract technology on the blockchain network , Their team will also be developing a unique network in which anyone can earn through farming, staking, and by using the built-in smart contract protocol, allowing every user on the Lanuna Finance network to gain more benefits while also participating as a community member, adding value to every transaction that occurs on their platform. The Lanuna Finance ecosystem will also introduce new financial concepts through their DeFi mechanism by using P2E games and NFT for its customers to earn more in a simple and enjoyable manner.

Robust Protocol :

Lanuna Finance is a unique blockchain environment where their team will give a solid steady return on investment and liquidity. They will be personally involved in the project from top to bottom development by building every area of the ecosystem along with the community. They do creative research and development for new tools, platforms, and services that will accelerate the implementation of smart contracts everywhere. Additionally, their team will establish a strategy for the expansion of this ecosystem’s value rather than siphoning it off. Lanuna Finance provides an ultimate platform where they provide burn and auto-liquidity schemes to create consistent income with high APY up to 1,822,684.19 % and integrate it with the NFT that can be utilized in the future on their play-to-earn game. Lanuna Finance also has a move-to-earn program.

Lanuna Token :

Lanuna Token, or $LUNU, is a native token built by the Lanuna Finance team to become a utility token that will be utilized for all platform processes. This utility token has several benefits. Every user can use this token for network services or simply stake it and get a reward from a public pool with APY and it offers a flexible option. This token will also be based on the blockchain network where it will be compatible with smart-contracts, ensuring an automated process while also offering real-time rebase distribution. Lanuna Finace’s staff will provide long-term planning for its users by providing various features and advantages to all holders.

Conclusion :

Lanuna finance is the first community currency to mix tried-and-true low-risk investment practices with the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It provides a long-term passive income option for people of all ages, regardless of wealth or income. Lanuna will combine the best aspects of traditional recurring investments with modern blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, allowing universal access to a lucrative market while greatly reducing risk. It will also offer new NFT and Play-To-Earn combinations that are easily accessible to all users. Lanuna Finance is a fantastic prospective project with an original new approach, and I hope you will join us!

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