Landorc is a platform that connects real estate financing with cryptocurrency solutions.

Crypto lending is a lending platform that uses blockchain technology to provide a lending platform that is secure and accessible to anyone. The crypto lending system enables anybody in the world to lend their digital assets to individuals in need of loans with security; the borrower will subsequently profit from the interest guaranteed by the borrower. Crypto lending platforms are quite significant, particularly in the real estate industry, because users may convert their property assets into tokens and sell them to crypto users. Later, crypto users will be able to purchase these tokens and profit from rising interest rates and asset values.

Crypto financing platforms, particularly in the real estate industry, are expanding as more individuals become aware that real estate is one area with significant growth potential. As a result of this, LandOrc intends to create a real-estate-focused collateral lending platform. LandOrc intends to close the funding gap in real estate by offering a collateral lending platform that is available to individuals all around the world. Users can convert land titles into NFT tokens and sell them to other users in this manner.

Blockchain and Real Estate :

LandOrc, which is based in the United Arab Emirates, is supported by a competent and experienced staff in both the cryptocurrency and real estate sectors. Various issues concerning LandOrc’s operations have been thoroughly considered, and the LandOrc team is certain that LandOrc will be able to deliver services on which customers can rely.

LandOrc Features :

  • Lorc Financing: A financing platform created by LandOrc to meet the need for real estate developers and landowners looking to generate cash for a variety of purposes. Later to qualify for a loan, real estate developers or landowners just need to submit collateral.
  • LandOrc tokens can be staked by landowners and investors to receive passive revenue. Later on, the incentives will be backed up by Lorc Financing interest.
  • Conversion of Crypto-to-Fiat: LandOrc provides a mechanism that allows issued LORC to be converted to fiat for new money.

Tokenomics :

RoadMap :

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